Fix AirPods Blinking Orange Light Problem: (3 Quick Methods)

If your Airpods case displays a solid orange light, then that means they are low on battery. But if they are blinking orange or amber light, then that means a connection problem is causing their case to blink.

This blog post will explain what blinking orange lights mean and how to fix them.

Why Do AirPods Blinking Orange?

The reason your AirPods case is flashing orange is that there is a connectivity issue between your AirPods and your iPhone.

This can be caused by a few different things like outdated firmware, Connection problems, or a hardware issue.

How to Fix AirPods Flashing Orange Light?

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your AirPods are sufficiently charged. If they are not, then charge them for at least 30 minutes before trying to use them again.

1. Reset Your AirPods

The main cause of Airpiods flashing orange light is the connection issue between your AirPods and your iPhone.

To fix this issue, you must reset your AirPods to restore any connection problems.

  1. If your AirPods are paired to your iPhone, go to your Bluetooth setting and click on the ‘i’ icon next to your Airpods name.
  2. Then select forget this device and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Next, Place your Airpods back in the case and close the lid for 30 seconds.
  4. After that, open the lid of the case and then press and hold the setup button located at the back of the case.
  5. Keep holding the setup button until your case flashes orange or amber light a few times, and then start flashing white light continuously.
  6. After it starts flashing white light, close the lid again for 30 seconds and then open the lid and pair your AirPods to your iPhone.
  7. Your AirPods will no longer flash orange light if you have followed the steps correctly.

This solution works for all AirPods models, and your AirPods will be running again.

2. Update Your AirPods Firmware to the Latest Version

Apple release firmware updates for AirPods frequently that solve glitches and connectivity issues. Apple has also released a firmware update that fixes the blinking orange light issue.

  1. To update your AirPods, we first need to check the current version of your AirPods.
  2. Go to settings and select Bluetooth.
  3. Then, tap on the ‘i’ icon next to your AirPods name.
  4. Now, check the version in the about section.
  5. Now search online for the name of the latest version available for your AirPods model.
  6. If the latest version is not the same as your current version, then you need to update your Airpods firmware.
  7. There is no setting to directly force your iPhone to update your Airpods.
  8. To update, first of all, connect your AirPods case to the charger and put your AirPods in your case.
  9. Next, make sure you have an active internet connection and leave your iphone next to your Airpods.
  10. Your AirPods will automatically update to the latest version within 15-30 minutes.

After your AirPods firmware has been updated to the latest version, you will no longer see the blinking orange light.

3. Hardware Problem

If you have tried all of the steps above and your AirPods are still not working, then there may be a hardware issue with your AirPods.

If you have dropped your AirPods or if they have been exposed to water, then this can cause a hardware issue.

Probably the left or the right earbud may have become faulty, causing your AirPods to blink orange.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to take your AirPods to an Apple store or an authorized Apple service provider and have them take a look at them.

Difference Between Amber & Orange Light on AirPod Case

Actually, there is only one orange light on AirPods, but some people conceive it as amber color.

Whether you call it amber or orange, they mean the same thing when blinking on the AirPods case, and that is the connectivity issue between your AirPods and your iPhone.


So, in conclusion, if your AirPods are blinking orange light, then there is a connectivity issue between your AirPods and iPhone. You can try resetting your AirPods or updating the firmware to solve this problem.

If none of these solutions work for you, then there may be a hardware issue with your AirPods, and you need to take it to the Apple store.

If you are curious about other AirPods lights colors, read our article “Airpods Lights Meanings.” We hope you found this article helpful, and if you have any questions, then please leave a comment below.

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