How to Call Without Sim Card on iPhone? [Working Methods]

Have you ever wondered how to use an iPhone without a SIM card to place calls? There are ways to maintain connectivity, whether you have an iPhone which is not registered or you’ve lost your SIM card. 

This article will examine techniques that let you use your iPhone to make calls without using a physical SIM card. Read the blog to learn more about these Methods.

Can You Make Phone Calls Without A Sim Card iPhone?

Absolutely! On an iPhone, it is possible to make calls without a SIM card. With technological improvements, there are substitute techniques that enable you to maintain connectivity even without a physical SIM card.

This post will walk you through several practical alternatives to call without any SIM card issues, whether you’re using an older iPhone model or you’ve lost your SIM card.

How to Call Without A Sim Card on iPhone?

On an iPhone, making phone calls without a SIM card may seem difficult, but there are several approaches you can use to make it happen.

This post will go through methods that let you use your iPhone to make calls without a SIM card. These techniques include using Wi-Fi calling and pairing your primary iPhone(without a sim card) with another iPhone with a SIM card.

Method 1. Wi-Fi Calling Feature

Wi-Fi calling is one of the most practical methods for placing calls without a SIM card. With this function, you can place and receive calls through a Wi-Fi network rather than a cellular connection. Follow these procedures to make your iPhone capable of Wi-Fi calling:

Make sure your iPhone is using a supported version of iOS because Wi-Fi calling functionality may vary depending on the software.

  • On your iPhone, launch the “Settings” app.
  • Then tap “Phone” and choose “Wi-Fi Calling.”
  • Toggle the switch to enable Wi-Fi calling.

Turn Wi-Fi calling on from phone settings in iPhone

You can place calls as usual after Wi-Fi calling is enabled. With the help of the Wi-Fi network, the calls will be forwarded, enabling you to make and receive calls without a SIM card. It’s vital to remember that for this method to function, your carrier must support Wi-Fi calling.

Method 2. Use “Allow Calls on Other Devices” Feature

Using an iPhone with a SIM card installed on another iPhone is another way to make calls on your iPhone without a SIM card. Using this method, you can connect the two devices so that your primary iPhone can accept calls without a SIM card. This is how you do it:

  • Take a different iPhone with a functional SIM card (preferably an iPhone 5s or 6).
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi networks for the two iPhones are the same.
  • Open the “Settings” app on the SIM-card-equipped iPhone, then select “Phone.”
  • For your iPhone with a Sim Card, turn on the setting under “Calls on Other Devices” by tapping it.
  • Go to the “Settings” app on your main iPhone (the one without a SIM card) and choose “Phone.”
  • Ensure the other iPhone is selected and turn on the “Allow Calls on Other Devices” option.

Use call forwording by enabling Allow Calls on Other Devices feature

Any calls to the SIM card iPhone will start ringing on your Main iPhone as soon as the pairing is complete. Without a physical SIM card in your phone, you can answer these calls and communicate.


It’s crucial to remember that while using these methods enables you to make and receive calls without a SIM card, some restrictions might be there.

For instance, emergency services would be unavailable without a SIM card, and some functions or functionalities might be limited. Also, keep in mind that all techniques require a solid Wi-Fi connection to function properly.


In conclusion, you can still make phone calls with your iPhone if you find yourself without a SIM card.

Two efficient ways to stay connected are Wi-Fi calling and pairing your iPhone with a device with a SIM card installed. Discover these choices and take advantage of the ease of making calls on your iPhone without a physical SIM card.

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