Why Do You Hear Clicking During Phone Calls [Solved]

Have you ever received a call where you hear constant clicking noise during the call? If Yes, then you might be wondering why do you hear this clicking during phone calls?

This article will explain everything, including its reasons, what it means, and how you can stop this noise. Stay connected to solve the confusion right away.

What Does It Mean when You Hear Clicking on Your Phone?

It can be confusing when you hear clicking noises on your phone. These clicks could signify several underlying issues, such as typing, technical problems, signal interference, or even an attack on security. 

While it’s essential to avoid concluding too quickly, observing the context and frequency of the clicks can provide important information. It is crucial to understand what these clicks indicate to identify and fix any potential issues. 

Let’s investigate the options and explain the significance of those odd clicks you hear throughout your phone calls.

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Why Do You Hear Clicking During Phone Calls?

There could be several reasons you frequently hear clicking sounds during calls. These include:

1. Individual Typing

During phone calls, the act of a person typing can be a common cause of clicking sounds. Physical keystrokes can result in audible clicks conveyed via the call, whether the person on the other end is typing on a keyboard or directly on their phone while in speaker mode. 

Depending on the typing speed and how close the microphone is to the keyboard or phone, these clicks can change in volume and frequency.

Awareness of this possibility can assist in distinguishing between external variables and other probable causes of clicking sounds during phone talks, even if it is frequently unplanned. 

2. Technological Problems

Clicking noises on the phone are frequently caused by technological problems. Hardware problems, such as a broken microphone or speaker, may cause these problems.

Clicking sounds that obstruct conversation can be produced when these parts don’t work properly. Clicking noises can also be caused by software flaws or device compatibility issues.

3. Signal Interference

Clicking noises might happen because of signal interference. Several things, such as electromagnetic interference from neighboring electronic equipment, inadequate network coverage, or signal congestion, may bring on this interference.

Clicking sounds on the call can be a symptom of a distorted or disturbed signal.

4. Network Issues

Clicking noises during phone calls might also be caused by network-related issues. Clicking sounds may be introduced into the call by problems with the telecommunications network, such as line disruptions, crosstalk, or defective switches.

These network errors, which impact call quality and cause disruptions, may be momentary or ongoing.

5. Security Concerns

Clicking sounds made during phone calls could indicate security breaches in rare cases. Clicking sounds may be introduced into the call using specific listening or wiretapping methods.

It is essential to seek competent advice and take proper precautions to safeguard your privacy if you have any security concerns.

How to Stop Your Phone from Making Clicking Noise?

The following practical solutions can help you assist with the issues mentioned above.

1. Typing Issues

If you think the individual on the call is making clicking noises while typing on their keyboard, ask them to move their microphone.

The clicking sounds conveyed during the call can be reduced by moving the microphone away from the keyboard or using a headset with noise-canceling capabilities.

Reminding the person to type more quietly or to use a quieter keyboard can also help to resolve the problem.

2. Technical Issues

Look for hardware issues: If you think the device has a broken microphone or speaker, have it checked out or fixed by a professional.

Update software: Updating the software on your phone can assist in resolving any compatibility problems that might result in clicking sounds. If necessary, update the operating system or firmware on your device.

How to update iOS on iPhone

3. Signal Interference

Change your location: If you’re having trouble connecting to the network or receiving signals, consider moving to a location with better reception.

Reduce electromagnetic interference: keep your phone away from other electronics like cordless phones, microwave ovens, and routers that could produce interference.

4. Network Problems

Get in touch with your service provider. Call your service provider if you hear clicking noises during calls on a regular basis. Any issues relating to the network can be looked at and fixed by them.

5. Security Issues

If you believe your phone has been compromised or is being monitored, get advice from a cybersecurity expert. Any potential security threats can be identified and reduced with their assistance.


In conclusion, clicking sounds on the phone might be caused by various things, such as technical difficulties, signal interference, call recording, network troubles, or even typing. You can take the necessary action to resolve these clicks by being aware of their potential sources. 

Resolving clicking noises improves the quality of communication overall, whether it’s through hardware or software troubleshooting, signal quality optimization, or microphone positioning.

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