How to Italicize on iPhone? [Tricks and Tips]

Have you ever wondered how to make your iPhone’s text italicize

This article will explain the quick steps to italicize text on your iPhone. We will explain how to emphasize a word or give your messaging a stylish touch. Let’s get started and learn how to make your writing stand out.

Can You Italicize in Text Messages?

Unfortunately, normal text messages do not support italicizing text. But the good news is here! You can use italics in other iPhone apps like Pages, Notes, and Email if you want to.

You can simply slant and style your text using these tools. There are many more ways to italicize text on your iPhone, even though standard text messages won’t allow it.

Methods to Italicize Text on iPhone

Here’s how to italicize text using your iPhone’s Notes, Pages, and Email apps.

1. Italicizing Text Using the Notes App

Use the Notes app to quickly take notes and organize important data on your iPhone. You can italicize text in your notes by following these easy steps:

  • Write Your Text

Start typing in the Notes app on your iPhone, or choose the text you want to make italics.

  • Double Tap the Word to Italicize

Find the word or words you want to italicize and double-tap them to select the text.

  • Select the right arrow. 

 A context menu will show up once the text has been selected. Tap the right arrow in this menu until you see the option “Format.”

  • Select “Italics” 

Find Italics from the formatting menu. To add italics to the chosen text, tap this option.

Now you are done, your text within the Notes app will be displayed in italics.

2. Italicizing Text Using the Pages App

You can create documents with various formatting options, including italics, using the flexible word processing program Apple Pages, which is available for iPhone. Follow these steps to use this feature:

  • Open the Pages app.

Make sure “Pages” is downloaded from the App Store first. Start by opening the app and entering your text.

  • Double-Tap the Word You Want to Italicize

Find the word you want to italicize and double-tap on it. Drag the blue lines to choose the words you want to italicize in groups.

  • Click on the Paintbrush Icon

Click the Paintbrush Icon after finding it in the formatting menu.

  • Tap the “I.”

Italics are indicated by the letter “I” in the formatting options. To add italics to the selected text, tap on it.

When you’re done, your text within the Pages app will now appear in italics.

 3. Italicizing Text Using the Email App

The iPhone’s email app makes sending and receiving emails easy, and you can modify your text by adding formatting options like italics. This is how:

  • Open the “Mail” App  

Start writing your email by opening the Mail app on your iPhone.

  • Double-click the word.

Select the text by double-tapping the words you want to italicize.

  • Select the right arrow. 

 A context menu will show up once the text has been selected. Tap the right arrow in this menu until you see the option “Format.” 

  • Select “Italic”

Select “Italic” from the formatting options to add italics to the selected text.

It is done. Your email text will display in italics when you send it.

Tricks & Tips for Writing on an iPhone

By mastering the following tips and methods, you can get the most out of text formatting on your iPhone, whether generating formal documents, sending attractive messages, or keeping your notes well-organized and simple to read.

1. Bold, Italics, and Underline

You can format your text quickly in apps like Notes, Email, and Messages. To access these options, choose the text you want to format, then select the “BIU” (Bold, Italics, Underline) button.

2. Change Text Size

You can change the font size in most apps by accessing your device’s settings. To increase or decrease font size, choose “Display & Brightness,” choose “Text Size,” and adjust accordingly.

3. Employing Third-Party Apps

Consider using third-party tools like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or WordPress for more complex text formatting options and document production.

4. Bullet Points and Lists

Use bullet points or numbers to make well-organized lists. You can find options for list formatting in the formatting menu of apps like Notes or Pages.

5. Aligning text

The alignment choices in the formatting menus can be used to align your text to the left, center, or right. This enhances how easily your documents can be read.

6. Dictation and voice typing

You can enter text more quickly using voice typing and dictation tools. To begin speaking, simply tap the keyboard’s microphone icon, and it will write what you are speaking.

7. Shortcuts on the keyboard

Keyboard shortcuts can be enabled and customized in your iPhone’s settings. You can rapidly enter commonly used words or text using these shortcuts.


In conclusion, text formatting on an iPhone is useful for improving productivity and communication.

These tricks and tips enable users to produce visually beautiful material and streamline their mobile experience, whether using third-party apps for advanced formatting, changing font size, or adding emphasis with bold and italics.

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