How to Get Rid of Blue Boxes on iPhone?

Are you troubled by the presence of annoying blue boxes on your iPhone? If yes, you are at the right place!

This article will examine practical methods for removing these annoying boxes from your mobile device. We have you covered with step-by-step directions and insights, whether you’re having trouble with text selection or unforeseen highlighting. 

What is the Blue Thing in the Corner of iPhone?

The indicator that denotes an active WiFi connection or activity is the strange blue object in the corner of your iPhone. 

The different interactions between your device and wireless technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks are displayed visually as a cue. 

The blue dot indicates that apps actively use location services, transfer data, or contact other devices when it is visible. 

You may keep informed about the connectivity and functionality of your device by knowing the meaning of this invisible indication. This will help you make decisions regarding your usage and privacy settings.

The Reason Why Blue Box Appears?

Your iPhone’s corner blue dot or indication is mostly a result of the device’s continuing connectivity and communication activity. When certain wireless technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular data are active, this dot is a visual indication to let you know. 

The blue dot shows that data is being exchanged, location services are being used, or devices are being linked through Bluetooth when an app or system service utilizes these connectivity features.

For example, the blue dot can be shown to let you know that an app is accessing your position when the GPS on your device is running. The blue dot may also indicate network data transfer while file sharing or synchronization activities are in progress.

The blue dot is essentially your iPhone’s way of alerting you to background activity and assisting you in deciphering why specific applications might be using resources or draining your battery.

Methods to Get Rid of the Blue Boxes on iPhone

You can use numerous techniques to solve this problem if the blue boxes that appear on your iPhone screen repeatedly annoy you. These fixes range from simple device resets to changing accessibility settings.

Here is a thorough guide on how to get rid of those annoying blue boxes.

1. Turn Off the Switch Control

Turn off Switch Control to help people with motor impairments. Switch Control is an accessibility feature. But occasionally, it can result in unexpected blue box appearances. 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Accessibility 
  • Switch Control
  • Turn the switch off to turn it off.

2. Switch Zoom Off

Zoom is yet another accessibility option that enables screen magnification. The blue boxes could appear if Zoom is turned on. 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Accessibility 
  • Zoom
  • Toggle off Zoom to turn it off.

3. Update iOS

Older iOS versions can have unexpected bugs. By navigating to 

  • Settings
  • General 
  • Software Update

You can make sure your iPhone is running the most recent software. Updating will fix software bugs including the blue boxes problem.

4. Reset All Settings

If the issue is a configuration problem, resetting all settings may be helpful. Go to Settings

  • General 
  • Reset 
  • Reset All Settings

Remember that doing this will reset your preferences to their default values, so you’ll need to reconfigure them.

5. Restart Your iPhone

Small issues are frequently fixed with a straightforward restart. Until the slider displays, press and hold the power button, the volume button (on iPhone X and later devices), and the home button (on older versions).

The device you are using can be turned off by dragging the slider and then turned back on after a short while. You can troubleshoot and get rid of the blue boxes on your iPhone screen by using the techniques listed above.

Always use the least disruptive techniques, like disabling accessibility features, before moving on to more drastic actions like resetting settings. Try these solutions first, but if the problem still exists, consider contacting Apple support for more help.


In conclusion, for a seamless user experience, it’s important to understand the meaning behind the consequences of the blue boxes that appear on your iPhone screen.

You can get rid of the annoying blue boxes and enjoy a device that works well without any unwanted distractions by looking into the causes and using the recommended solutions.

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