Things You Need To Know About Low Power Mode on iPhone

Today I am going to talk about low power mode more specifically is Low Power Mode bad for iPhone Battery Health?

A lot of people think that by using low power mode you will be damaging your iPhone battery and reducing its lifespan which is really bad for the battery.

In this article,I will explain what is low power mode, what it actually does, and even more important things like is there a correct percentage in which you should use low power mode or not.

The Low Power Mode is a feature in iPhone to last your battery longer than normal. It’s not bad for your iPhone or battery health if you need more battery just enable it and enjoy.

1. Is low power mode bad for iPhone battery health?

So as most of you already know low power mode is a native IOS feature that is intended to do only one thing, save as much battery life as it can.

It is safe to use low power mode on your iPhone because it will not affect your battery life spam also it won’t affect your battery health or anything like that.

Low power mode only affects your current battery charge. It will make your iPhone last longer on that single charge

2. Should i use low power mode all the time?

It’s absolutely safe to use low power mode all the time if you concern more about battery over performance.

Your iPhone uses a charge cycle, the more you charge it will degrade battery health to use low power mode you can save some extra 1 to 2 hours of your battery.

I personally use my iPhone on low power mode all the so it will give me the best experience and my iPhone last longer.

3. Should you charge your phone on low power mode

Yes, you can charge your iPhone on low power mode it will not affect the battery. If you want to charge your iPhone fast just enable Low power mode and use Airplane Mode. You will definately see the difference in charging time.

Affect of charging the iPhone on low power mode

If you charge your iPhone on low power mode you can clearly see the difference in charging speed. I charge my iPhone on low power mode every time because it charges fast and does not affect the battery health at all and my battery health is still 100% after 8 months.

4. How low power mode on iPhone effect performance

As you turn on low power mode you will see the most significant change on your iPhone and that’s a performance throttling. When you enable low power mode your CPU gets to reduce the activity and speed of your iPhone.

If you run the test on Geekbench Score you see 35% to 40% of the performance score decrease by enabling low power mode.

Features that are affected when Low-Power mode is on

When you enable low power mode some of your iPhone features will be reduced or affected.

  • Background App Refresh
  • Email fetch
  • Automatic downloads
  • iCloud Photos will be temporarily paused
  • Auto-Lock (defaults to 30 seconds)
  • Dime iPhone display
  • Some other visual effects
  • 5G disable and going to 4G

5. At what percentage should i charge my iPhone?

The recommendation from Apple is to charge your iPhone between 20% to 80%. It is the best practice not to fully charge your iPhone and don’t go below 20%.

If you follow this you can maintain your battery health for a long period of time. If you are not sure and more concerned about your battery health then just enable optimized battery charging in your Battery section.

6. Is it bad to use your iPhone while charging?

A better practice is not to use your iPhone while charging because of your safety measure.

Sometimes you need to use the phone while it’s on charging it’s totally fine you can use it, but not for a long time because while using your phone it will produce heat and effect on battery also you notice it slow the charging a little due to load on the battery.

7. Is it bad to charge your iPhone all night?

The iPhone’s battery is a lithium-ion battery if it hit 100% the charging of your iPhone stops and it starts again if it goes back to 99%. So Apple tells us that you can charge your iPhone as you want it will not overcharge and not affect the battery health.

If you enable the optimized battery charging feature this will track your routine when you wake up and help you not to overcharge your iPhone, when your charging reaches 80% at night it stops down, and before you woke up it starts to charge again and goes to 100%.

8. Tips to extend the lifespan of your battery

There are several tips that can extend the lifespan of your iPhone Battery.

  • Avoid overheating your iPhone
  • Avoid fast charging
  • Disable Location Services
  • Enable Optimised battery charging
  • Use your iPhone on low power mode
  • Reduce Brightness of iPhone
  • Use the auto-brightness mode
  • Lower the screen timeout
  • Use Wifi over Data when possible
  • Choose a dark theme


Q: Does your phone charge faster on low power mode?

A: Yes you can feel the difference in charging, your iPhone with low power mode charges a little faster than normal.

Q: Does your phone charge slower on low power mode?

A: No, your iPhone does not charge slowly while low power mode is on and it automatically goes off when the battery reaches 80%.

Q: Does low power mode work?

A: Low power mode works perfectly fine for people who don’t do some high-performance task on their iPhone because turning it on it will decrease your performance.

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