Difference Between No Caller ID and Unknown Caller on iPhone

Have you ever received a call where it shows an unknown caller id or no id at all? If yes, then you might be curious what is the difference between these two and whether you should even answer the call or not.

This article will explain what each of them means and how to handle Unknown callers.

What is Caller id

Caller ID is a telephone service that provides the recipient of a call with the caller’s phone number and, in some cases, their name.

This information is typically displayed on the recipient’s phone screen, allowing them to identify the caller before answering the call. Caller ID is a widely adopted feature available on most landlines and mobile phones, including iPhones.

Purpose of Caller ID

The primary purpose of Caller ID is to help users screen incoming calls, giving them the opportunity to decide whether to answer, reject, or redirect the call to voicemail based on the displayed information.

Caller ID also plays a role in reducing the occurrence of prank calls, as it discourages anonymous or malicious callers who may not want their identity to be known.

What Does No Caller ID Mean

No caller ID calls, sometimes referred to as “private calls”, are phone calls in which the caller has intentionally chosen to hide their phone number from the recipient. When receiving a no caller ID call, the iPhone displays “No Caller ID” instead of the caller’s phone number.

Reasons for receiving no caller ID calls

  1. Caller has blocked their number: Individuals might choose to block their phone number when making a call to maintain their privacy or avoid revealing their identity to the recipient. This can be done by dialing a specific code (e.g., *67 in the United States) before the recipient’s phone number.
  2. Caller has disabled “show my caller id” option: Some callers may have chosen to disable the “Show My Caller ID” option in their phone settings, which would result in their information being hidden when they make a call.
  3. Restricted or private numbers: Certain organizations or institutions, such as law enforcement agencies, medical facilities, or private businesses, may have their phone numbers set as restricted or private by default to protect sensitive information or maintain confidentiality.

What Does Unknown Caller Mean on iPhone

“Unknown Caller” on an iPhone typically means that the incoming call is from a person or entity that is either using an international number that is not recognized by your carrier or the caller is using a landline number.

As a result, the caller’s identity and phone number are not displayed on your phone screen. There could be various reasons for a call to be labeled as “Unknown Caller”:

  1. The call is coming from a restricted number, such as some businesses, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.
  2. The call is made from a phone service that does not support or transmit caller ID information, such as some VoIP services, automated calls, or international calls.

What is the Difference Between Unknown and No Caller ID iPhone

If you see “No Caller ID” when receiving a call on your iPhone, this means that the person who is calling you has chosen to withhold their information from being displayed on your phone. 

This isn’t a bad thing because sometimes people have valid reasons for not wanting their caller ID to be shown. However, it can also be used by scammers and other unsavory types to hide their identities.

On the other hand, an Unknown Caller means that your sim carrier does not recognize the phone number of the person trying to call you(international number) or the caller is using a landline number to call you. 

This could be because the number is new, or it can be a landline number. It could also be a spoofed number, which is a number that has been deliberately altered to look like a credible source.

Unknown callers can also be legitimate; however, you should exercise caution if you don’t recognize the number.

If you see “No Caller ID” or “Unknown Caller” on your iPhone, it is best to use caution before answering the call. If you don’t recognize the number, it is best to let it go to voicemail.

You can check the number later to see if it is someone you know, or you can look up the number online to see if there are any associated red flags.

Should You Answer Unknown Calls?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question – it depends entirely on your preference. Some people feel more comfortable answering calls from unknown numbers, while others prefer to let them go to voicemail.

If you decide to answer calls from unknown numbers, be aware that you could open yourself up to telemarketers, scams, or other unwanted calls. It’s always a good idea to be cautious when answering calls from numbers you don’t recognize.

If you’d rather not answer calls from unknown numbers, you can usually block them on your phone. This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally answering a call you don’t want to receive.

How to Turn Off Caller ID on iPhone

If you don’t want to show your caller id to others, you can turn it off on your iPhone by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap phone and click on “Show My Caller ID.”
  3. Next, toggle off the switch next to Show My Caller ID.

When you turn off the caller id, your phone number will be withheld when you make calls. This means that the person you’re calling will not be able to see your phone number, and they will instead see “Unknown Caller.”

Does No Caller ID Mean You Have Them in Your Contacts?

No, it does not mean that you have the person in your contacts. When you receive a call with “No Caller ID” displayed, it generally means that the person calling you has either chosen to withhold their information from being displayed or is using a service that hides their number from being displayed on your phone.

This is typically done for privacy reasons or to prevent the recipient from knowing who is calling. It has nothing to do with whether or not you have the caller’s phone number saved in your contacts.

Can You Call Back an Unknown Number on Your iPhone?

Yes, you can call back an unknown number on your iPhone. However, if the number is associated with a scam or other unsavory activity, you may want to use caution before calling back.

You can also try looking up the number online to see if there are any red flags associated with it.


So, in conclusion, an unknown caller and no caller id are two different things. Unknown caller means that the phone number is not recognized by your sim carrier, while no caller id means that the person who is calling you has chosen to withhold their information from being displayed.

Both can also be from legitimate sources, but you should use caution if you don’t recognize the number.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for reading!

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