How to Allow Web Search Content for Siri?

Are you curious about using Siri to access web search results? Look nowhere else! 

In this article, we’ll look at the straightforward yet effective methods to enable web search results on your iPhone. Discover a wealth of knowledge and improve the efficiency of your virtual assistant engagements. Let’s dive in and use Siri’s powers to their fullest extent!

Can Siri Search the Web for Answers?

Yes, Siri can search the extensive internet for the answers to your queries.

Siri can access the wealth of online knowledge to provide relevant answers, whether looking for the most recent news, curious about facts, or considering general knowledge issues. 

Siri’s skills are improved by the seamless web integration, which ensures you get thorough answers to various questions. So, remember that Siri is your virtual assistant and a gateway to the vast amount of information available online the next time you find yourself wondering.

Why Can’t Siri Search the Web on iPhone?

There could be several causes for your iPhone’s inability to use Siri to perform web searches. Your device’s settings might not be set up to permit web search material, or there might be a connectivity problem preventing Siri from accessing the internet. 

Software updates or parental control limitations might also restrict this feature. Temporary bugs or server-related issues may also impact Siri’s ability to occasionally do web searches. 

Review your device’s settings, make sure your internet connection is steady, and think about updating iOS on your iPhone to fix this. This will enable you to fully utilize Siri’s powerful web search features.

How to Allow Siri to Search the Web on Your iPhone & iPad?

By turning on web search capabilities, Siri, your digital assistant, can expand its powers even further. To enable Siri on your iPhone and iPad to retrieve information from the Web, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Access Settings

After unlocking your device, locate the “Settings” app on your home screen. The icon for it is a gear.

Step 2. Access the Screen Time Tab

Select “Screen Time” from the Settings menu by swiping down. You can control the limitations and usage of your mobile device using this function.

Screen Time option on iPhone

Step 3. Choose Content & Privacy Restrictions

Go to the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” option in the Screen Time settings. Due to this section, you have complete control over the content available on your device.

 "Content & Privacy Restrictions" settings in Screen Time

Step 4. Explore Content Restrictions

Select “Content Restrictions” from the Content & Privacy Restrictions menu. You can specify the features and content available on your device here.

Content Restrictions Settings in screen time settings

Step 5. Manage Siri Restrictions

Among the mentioned restrictions, look for the “Siri” category under Siri, and select “web search content.” With the help of this step, you can modify Siri’s features to suit your needs.

"Web search content" option in the content restrictions settings

Step 6. Enable Web Search

You can discover “Web Search” inside Siri’s limitations. This option should be set to “Allow.” Doing this gives Siri permission to conduct web searches and find relevant information for your inquiries.

"Web search content" Set to Allow

Step 7. Test Siri’s Web Search

Leave the settings and launch Siri by pressing and holding the home button or speaking a command. Ask Siri a query that needs an answer from the internet, and she’ll immediately give you search results.

Congratulations! The web search feature has been successfully enabled on your iPhone and iPad. To help you with your regular tasks and questions, Siri may now easily access useful information from the internet.

How to Change the Default Search Engine for Siri?

Follow these instructions to modify Siri’s default search engine on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Open your device’s “Settings” app to access the settings menu. On your home screen, it is typically displayed as a gear symbol.

2. Find the “Safari” option by scrolling down in the Settings menu. To access Safari’s settings, tap on it.

Default search engine settings

3. The “Search Engine” option can be found in the Safari settings. This is where you may modify Siri’s default search engine.

Default Search engine settings on iPhone

4. When you tap the “Search Engine” option, a list of available search engines will appear. Typically, Apple offers just a few choices, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

Google selected as default search engine on iPhone

5. From the list of accessible search engines, choose the one you wish to make Siri’s web searches use as the default.

6. After choosing your preferred search engine, you can receive a confirmation asking you if you wish to change the search engine for Siri and Spotlight Search. Choose again by selecting “Change Search Engine.”

7. Now that the default search engine has been updated, you may test Siri’s Web Search by asking Siri a question that calls for a web search. Siri will deliver search results using the newly chosen search engine.

The search engine used by the Safari browser and Spotlight Search on your iPhone will also change if you change the default search engine for Siri. Remember that the iOS version of your device may affect Siri’s behavior and that the search engine selections may alter over time.


Understanding Siri’s capabilities in smart devices gives your user experience a new level. You’ve learned how to maximize Siri’s potential by enabling web search content and customizing search engines. You may easily navigate the digital world by following these steps and using all your device’s features.

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