Blank iMessage: How to Send Empty Message on iPhone? 

Have you ever wondered how to send a blank message on your iPhone?

This article will show an original technique for sending blank iMessages to friends in order to surprise them. Get ready to learn about a brand-new range of communication opportunities!

What Does a Blank iMessage Mean?

An empty iMessage indicates that the message’s content has been hidden or left empty on purpose. The sender may have used spaces or Apple’s Invisible Ink capability to convey a blank message without using words.

Another possibility is that it is due to technical issues, failed sends, or formatting issues with the message. 

It’s crucial to consider the context and the sender’s goal before interpreting a blank iMessage because it can differ depending on the recipient’s preferences, sense of humor, or communication style.

side by side comparison of sent and received empty iMessage

Reason Behind Receiving a Blank IiMessage

Receiving a blank iMessage is unusual and typically results from one of the reasons listed below. It’s important to consider the context and the sender’s aim before making conclusions or assuming anything.

1. Technical Glitch

Receiving a blank iMessage can occasionally be caused by software bugs or technical issues. The reason the message’s content seems to be empty could be a short-term glitch in the messaging app or an iOS system fault.

2. Incomplete or Failed Send

The sender may have encountered a problem while creating or delivering the message, which is one potential explanation for receiving a blank iMessage.

This could lead to a failed or partial sending, where the message arrives empty.

3. Invisible Ink or Hidden Message

A feature like Invisible Ink, where the message text is concealed until the recipient swipes over it, is available on Apple’s iMessage platform.

It may be a deliberate usage of this function if you get a blank iMessage, in which case you must reveal the hidden message.

4. Prank or Mistake

Receiving a blank iMessage can be a practical joke or an error. Some people could send the recipient empty texts as a joke or to confuse them. There’s also a chance that the sender mistakenly sent a blank message and was unaware of it.

How Do You Send an Empty Message on iMessage?

There are two methods to send an empty message. These include

1. Using Spacebar

It’s easy and simple to send an empty message on iMessage by pressing the spacebar. Here is how to go about it:

  • On your iPhone, open the iMessage application.
  • Choose the person to whom you wish to send the empty message.
  • Tap the text entry field to open the keyboard. 
  • To insert blank spaces into the message, hit the spacebar once or more times.
  • Check that the message contains no more characters or content.
  • Finally, press the send button to send the recipient an empty message.

using spacebar to send an empty iMessage

You can send an iMessage that is visually empty or blank by using the spacebar to generate empty spaces in the message. This approach is practical and doesn’t require more characters or advanced skills.

2. Utilize Invisible Ink

You can utilize Apple’s Invisible Ink feature to send an empty message over iMessage. As usual, start by writing your message, then press the blue send button.

A pop-up option will appear; choose Invisible Ink. This will send the message as a hidden or blank message, hiding the message’s actual content. To view the message’s content, the recipient must swipe over it.

iMessage invisible ink feature to send an empty message


Using Apple’s Invisible Ink feature, or even the simple spacebar trick are just a few methods to send an empty iMessage on an iPhone.

These methods offer several options for delivering meaningless or visually meaningless messages, whether for a lighter joke, creative expression, or just to send a message without words.

It’s important to use these tactics wisely, though, and to consider the recipient’s preferences. Understanding the intended meaning of a blank iMessage requires understanding the sender’s motive and the relationship between the parties. Thus it’s crucial to remember that communication is a dynamic process.

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