How to Check Calculator History on iPhone: A Complete Guide

The iPhone calculator is a handy tool that can help us in many different situations. It’s great for calculating , figuring out the cost of something when shopping, or working on your taxes.

Whether you are a student or professional that needs to check and review math calculations, the ability to store and access your calculator history on your iPhone can come in handy.

By having access to your previous calculations , you can quickly look back at past data points for reference when piecing together more advanced data. This article will explore how to access and use your iphone calculator history.

Does the iPhone Calculator Keep History?

The answer is yes! The default iphone calculator app does indeed keep a history but only of your last calculation.

But if you want to keep a record of all your previous calculations, then you need a third-party app called “Calculator with history +.”This app allows you to restore your calculator history if you accidentally delete it.

How to See Calculator History on iPhone 

The iPhone Calculator App is an excellent tool for quickly solving many math problems. It also helps you keep track of your calculations over time by allowing you to view the history of your last calculation.

The downside of the default calculator app is that it can only store your last result and no more than that. To access the calculator history on an iPhone, do the following:

There are two ways to see your calculator history:

  1. Long press the calculator app icon on your home screen, and it will show your last calculation in the popup.
  2. Open the calculator app, and your previous calculation history will be displayed there.

If you have cleared your last calculation, then you cannot see its history.

Calculator with History+ App

If you need to store all of your previous calculations, then use a third-party app called “Calculator with History+.” This app allows you to restore your calculator history even if it has been deleted. The app also stores unlimited calculations and can be used for basic math and complex equations.

The app also includes features such as the ability to save your calculations and store them for later, a scientific calculator mode with over 15 different functions, an equation history list to keep track of all equations, and more.

With Calculator with History+, you can quickly look back at past calculations from months ago or even years if need be. It’s an excellent tool for students or professionals who need to refer back to past calculations.

  • You can also restore previous deleted history by long-pressing the delete icon.
  • You can also customize the look of your calculator the way you like in this app.

Premium Features

This app also comes with a premium version which includes many other powerful features like

  1. Human Voice pronunciation
  2. Unit converter
  3. Currency Converter
  4. Calculator keyboard
  5. Friction calculator
  6. Data calculator
  7. BMI calculator

So if you want to track your iphone calculator history or store all of your previous calculations, Calculator with History+ is the best app for you.

Its user-friendly and efficient interface will help you keep track of all your calculations. Don’t worry about data loss, as you can access past results whenever you need them.

Calculator vs Calculator History+

FeatureiPhone CalculatorCalculator with History+
Calculator HistoryOnly stores last calculationUnlimited storage and ability to restore deleted history
Additional Features
Scientific calculator mode
Scientific calculator mode, equation history list, customization options, premium features such as unit and currency conversion, and various specialized calculator options.
Data Loss PreventionNoYes, allows for restoring deleted history.
User-friendly InterfaceYesYes

Benefits of Using Calculator History on Your iPhone

The benefits of using the calculator history on your iPhone are numerous. One of the most important ones is that it can save you time when trying to do quick calculations!

Here’s a list of some other great reasons why everyone should try this method:

  • One of the biggest benefits of checking out your iPhone calculator history is that it can save you a lot of time. It’s much easier to look back and see how the last calculation was made rather than trying to calculate everything yourself from scratch!
  •  Reviewing past calculations allows you to double-check your work and ensure that you are getting the correct results.
  • Calculator with history + app allows you to store an unlimited amount of calculations, giving you the flexibility to work on more complex projects.


In conclusion, if you need to keep a history of all your calculations, download the Calculator with History + app; otherwise, the built-in calculator will only store your last calculation.

Using iphone calculator history is a great way to save time and get accurate results. Calculator with History+ makes it easy to store and access your calculation history whenever needed. Its user-friendly interface and powerful tools make it the perfect app for anyone who needs to store their calculations or review past ones!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Clear My History if I Don’t Want Anyone to See It?

Yes, if you don’t want anyone to be able to see your history, then there is a way of clearing it from the device! Just go to your calculator app and tap on ‘C’ and your calculator history will be gone.

What Devices Does the Calculator History Work On?

The Calculator History will work with any device that runs on Apple’s iCloud service, such as your iPad or iPod Touch. It’ll even continue working when you switch from one of these other devices to an iPhone!

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