FaceTime Audio Call vs Phone Call: Everything You Need to Know

Facetime audio and phone calls are two popular options when choosing a method of communication.

While facetime audio is only limited to Apple devices, phone calls can be made from any device. So which one should you choose?

FaceTime Audio Call vs Phone Call

This is a tough comparison because each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Facetime audio offers the better sound quality, while phone calls provide greater flexibility in terms of devices and compatibility.

Phone calls also don’t require an internet connection, whereas facetime audio requires a solid Wi-Fi or cellular network to work.

Additionally, facetime audio requires both parties to have an Apple device, which may not be feasible for some users.

On the other hand, phone calls don’t rely on an internet connection and offer more flexibility as they can be made to any device.

However, phone calls experience interference more frequently due to signal reception problems than facetime audio.

This can lead to poor sound quality, which makes it difficult for those involved in the conversation to understand one another.

How to Use FaceTime Audio

FaceTime Audio is a feature of Apple’s facetime app, which is available on all Apple devices. The facetime audio call can also be made with a Wi-Fi connection and does not need an active sim card.

To make a facetime audio call,

  1. Simply open up facetime and tap on new facetime.
  2.  Tap on the ‘+’ icon and search for the contact you want to facetime.
  3.  Select that contact and tap on the call icon to initiate the facetime audio call.

Alternatively, you can go to the contact list of your iPhone and facetime that person directly under the facetime tab.

Why FaceTime Audio Instead of Call?

Facetime audio is an excellent option for those with Apple devices because it is completely free to make a facetime call.

Additionally, facetime audio calls can be initiated over WI-Fi without an active sim card or a cellular network.

Facetime audio also offers more privacy since no third party can intervene in the conversation as facetime audio calls are encrypted end-to-end.

Advantages of Using FaceTime Audio over Phone Call

There are several advantages of facetime audio calls over regualr phone calls. Some of them are:

1. Free and Does not Require an Active Sim Card

The first advantage of facetime audio over a phone call is that facetime audio is free and does not need an active sim card.

This means calls can be made even if your device does not have a sim card inserted or if you’re not in range of a cellular network.

2. Higher Quality Sound

Facetime audio offers higher sound quality than a regular phone call. This is because facetime audio uses VoIP technology, allowing for better sound quality than traditional phone calls.

3.Encrypted Calls

Facetime audio calls are encrypted from end-to-end, making them more secure than a regular phone call.

This means that only those involved in the facetime audio call can access the conversation, making it more private than a regular phone call.

Disadvantages of Using FaceTime Audio over Phone Call

Some disadvantages of facetime audio calls over regular phone calls are:

1. Apple devises Only

The main disadvantage of facetime audio is that it is only available on Apple devices.

If one person doesn’t have an Apple device, facetime audio is not an option because facetime audio call over a link has terrible sound quality.

2. Requires Internet Connection

Facetime audio requires a strong and stable internet connection to make a call. This means if your internet connection is not working properly, facetime audio won’t be an option either.

How to Change from FaceTime Audio to Regular Call

Although you cannot send a standard message, instead of iMessage to an apple user, you can make a facetime audio call or a regular phone call to any apple user.

To change a facetime audio call to a regular phone call, open the contact you want to call and click on “mobile” to make a regular phone call.


In conclusion, both facetime audio and phone calls have their benefits and drawbacks depending on the situation.

If you need to make a call quickly without any interference, then phone calls may be the better option.

However, facetime audio is often ideal for apple users because it has no carrier charges as long as you have an active internet connection.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide which method of communication they prefer.

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