What Does a Dotted Line Chat Bubble Mean on iMessage?

Have you ever wondered why iMessage’s chat bubbles have dotted lines? In the complicated world of technology, picking up on small details can improve your communication.

In this article, we will discover the meaning of this common yet interesting iOS text symbol.

What Does a Dotted Line Text Bubble Mean?

The dotted line text bubble on iMessage is a very user-friendly feature that maintains an active and flowing discussion. In basic terms, this tells you that the person on the other end of the conversation is writing a message. 

The dotted line text bubble displays in your conversation as soon as they start to type. It improves the chat experience by enabling you to anticipate responses and maintain a seamless flow of conversation. It’s like seeing someone open their mouth to speak in a face-to-face interaction. 

However, it’s important to be aware that the length and complexity of the message will affect how quickly the typed message displays after the dotted line bubble appears.

When will the Bubble with Dots Appear in iMessage?

In iMessage, whenever the person you are conversing with starts to write a message, a bubble with dots, often known as the typing indicator, appears.

Due to this real-time notification function, you can observe when the other party is actively engaged in the chat and getting ready to send you a message.

More specifically, it suggests that the other party has opened the communication thread and is already typing on their device.

Their action is indicated by the three-dot bubble that displays on your screen as soon as their fingertips touch the keyboard. This signal tells you that a response is about to come, which improves the flow of a conversation.

iMessage three dots bubble

However, it does not give any details about the upcoming message’s content or length. 

It’s also important to remember that the typing indicator occasionally appears and disappears without sending a message, which could mean the other party decided not to send their initial response.

Disappearance of Typing Indicator without Message Receipt

The iMessage typing indicator or bubble with dots does not guarantee a message will be received. The disappearance of the typing indicator without a message being sent usually means that the person on the other end of the conversation has stopped typing and decided not to send the message.

There are several reasons why this might occur. It’s possible that they started to enter a message but later decided not to send it, deleted what they had written, or simply left the conversation open without clicking “send.” 

This might result from a change in focus, a distraction, or even a mistake in the message’s composition.

Therefore, rather than being a problem with the iMessage system itself, the disappearance of the typing indicator without receiving any message is more of a sign of inactivity or uncertainty on the sender’s part. It frequently happens in digital communication, which reflects the dynamism of real-time text exchanges.

How to Fool Others with an Image of A Dotted Text Bubble

In iMessage, the three dots that appear in a text bubble as the other person types indicate that they are writing a message. However, by sharing an image of this dotted bubble, one may be able to convey the impression that they are typing.

To do this, you would need to find or produce an image that resembles the dotted text bubble. You can then send this image in the chat whenever you want to appear to be typing.

It’s vital to remember that this approach might not always work as the static image won’t have the same moving impact as the typing indicator itself. Additionally, as soon as the image is expanded or clicked, the other person will immediately realize it’s a ruse.

How to Type Messages without Showing up the Typing Indicator?

There is a quick trick you may use to compose an iMessage message secretly, keeping the recipient in the dark about your typing. You can take the following actions rather than entering directly in the chat window:

  • Open a different app on your phone or tablet, such as Notes or a text editor.
  • Use the app of your choice to create your message, and take your time to build it exactly how you want.
  • Copy the message to the clipboard on your device after you’re finished.
  • To send the message, go back to the iMessage chat you were previously in.
  • Copy the message and paste it into the chat.
  • As usual, send the message.

This method allows you to send messages on iMessage while preventing the typing indicator from appearing, protecting your privacy, and keeping control over your communication.



copy text from notes app and paste into iMessage


Effectiveness of Typing Indicators

Real-time updates on a conversation partner’s activity can be obtained by typing indications. Smoother and more interesting talks are encouraged by this feature, which fosters a sense of presence and immediacy.

Further, since they can predict when a response will come, people may better manage their time during chats.

Importance of Responsible Use of iMessage Features

It’s important to use iMessage features carefully, even when they offer helpful indicators throughout a chat, like the typing indicator.

The trust in a discussion might be damaged by tricks such as sending a static image of the typing indicator. As a result, it’s recommended to use these features in a way that promotes open and truthful communication.


In conclusion, the dotted line text bubble that represents the iMessage typing indicator offers a simple way to follow the progress of a discussion and indicates when a reply is about to be given.

It usually indicates the sender decided not to transmit their prepared message when it disappears without sending a message. The importance of prioritizing respect and openness in communication cannot be overstated, even though there are ways to alter these aspects, such as providing an image of the typing signal.

When used wisely, these features can improve the dynamics of a conversation and make digital communication more enjoyable, immediate, and engaging. It’s evidence of how technology may help people interact with one another.

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