What Font Does iMessage Use & How to Change It?

Want to add a special font to your iMessage messages? You’d be surprised at how simple it is. 

This article will reveal the default font that iMessage uses and offer a straightforward, step-by-step tutorial on how to change it. Jump in and begin personalizing your iMessage.

Which Font is Used in iMessage? 

Like the rest of iOS, iMessage uses the San Francisco typeface. In 2015, Apple made this font available, replacing Helvetica Neue as the operating system’s default font for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 

San Francisco has distinct text and display versions created expressly to be readable on Apple’s digital devices.

This implies that the typeface automatically adjusts to varied text sizes to ensure the best readability possible in all situations, such as an iMessage discussion or an app’s UI.

Can You Change the Fonts on iMessage?

Yes, you can alter the fonts in iMessage to give the conversations a little touch of your unique style. Although Apple doesn’t directly offer a way to change the standard San Francisco font in iMessage, there are methods you can apply. 

It entails using third-party applications or keyboard add-ons that offer a wide variety of font choices. When installing these programs, you should exercise caution because not all of them adhere to Apple’s privacy rules.

How to Change Text Appearance in iMessages? 

While changing the font in iMessage requires third-party apps, you can easily modify text attributes such as size, boldness and even add some effects within iOS.

1. Changing Text Size

If you want to change the text size in iMessage:

  1. Go to your iPhone or iPad settings. 
  2. Tap “Display & Brightness” and then select “Text Size.”
  3.  Here, you can drag the slider to adjust the text size to your liking. 

change text size on iphone

This change will apply system-wide, affecting all the apps and system interfaces, not just iMessage.

2. Making Text Bold

To make the text bold:

  1. Go to the “Display & Brightness” menu in the settings.
  2. There you will find the option “Bold Text.” 
  3. Enable it, and your device will require a quick restart to apply this setting. 

make text bold on iPhone

Remember, this also applies to the entire system, not just iMessage.

3. Adding Effects to iMessage Text

iMessage also allows users to send messages with effects like “slam,” “loud,” “gentle,” etc. To use these, type your message, then press and hold the send button (upward arrow).

Add effect to iMessage text

This will open a menu with different effects. Pick your desired effect and hit send.

Change Text Font with 3rd Party App 

Follow the following steps to change the style of font on iMessage.

1. Click the following link to get the app “Color Text Bubbles on iMessage”:

2. Open any chat after launching iMessage.

3. To access the app’s menu, click the App Store icon that is located next to the camera icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

4. Scroll and choose the app.

change text font using Color Text Bubbles app on iMessage

5. Tap the “Type Custom Message” button to add a customized message or select one of the pre-built messages in the program.

6. If you choose the second option, tap the text box, and enter the desired content.

choose icons in Color Text Bubbles app on iMessage

7. Next, choose one of the icons for any of the following choices:

8. Arrow: To change the message’s arrow from right to left or vice versa

  • Bubble: Choose any color.
  • Text: Select the font size and color.
  • Heart icon: To make the text into a sticker that may be used later.

choose bubble color in Color Text Bubbles app

9. After customizing the bubble, tap Send. Ignore the advertising by tapping ‘X’ or later.

10. To send the personalized message bubble, touch the send icon.

send personalized bubble using Color Text Bubbles app on iMessage

This is how you can do it. The app doesn’t change the color of the bubble permanently. You’ll have to repeat the steps to send messages every time. It is troublesome but worth the effort to send messages on special occasions.


iMessage uses the San Francisco font, which Apple specifically designed for its devices.

You can’t directly change the font within iMessage, but adjusting the system’s settings and using a third-party app allows you to modify font size and style for enhanced readability and personal aesthetics.

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