Does iMessage Notify when You Delete a Message?

Are you considering deleting a text message from iMessage and unsure whether the other party will be informed? 

This question will be addressed in this article. Let’s analyze the iMessage service from Apple’s perspective.

Can You Delete an iMessage?

Yes, you can undoubtedly delete an iMessage. The ability to delete an iMessage is just a few taps away, whether you need to clear out outdated discussions, get rid of things you’d rather forget, or simply free up storage space.

You can pick “More” after holding down on a specific message in a discussion thread, then select the trash can icon to delete the message. 

How to delete an iMessage

Swiping left on the chat from the main iMessage screen and choosing “Delete” will allow you to delete an entire conversation. 

Do iMessage Notify when You Delete a Message? 

On a Single Chat

IMessage does not alert the other party if you delete a message in a single chat. Deletions are viewed from Apple’s design viewpoint as a user-specific activity used to manage a person’s own device storage or clean-up talks.

Therefore, your decision to delete a single message or even an entire chat thread only affects your device. Unless they also choose to delete them, the other participants’ devices still contain the messages and discussions.

Although if you unsend or edit an iMessage after sending it then the other person will be notified.

On a Group Chat

This concept also applies in group chat settings. There is no way for the other group members to be notified when someone deletes a message or leaves a group chat.

Without having to worry about letting people know what you are doing, you may manage your messages with ease.

Remember, though, that deleting a message you’ve sent in a group chat will just cause it to vanish from your smartphone. Other members will still have access to it until they delete it from their iPhones.

How to Tell If Someone Deleted iMessage?

Due to Apple’s strong commitment to customer privacy, it might be difficult to tell if someone has deleted the conversation or a particular message from their device when using the iMessage platform.

In contrast to what was previously said, deleting an iMessage does not notify the recipient, nor does it remove the conversation from their device.

The recipient’s device has received the message if it shows as “Delivered” on your end after you’ve sent it. There is no built-in function in iMessage that will alert you if they later decide to remove the message.

Even if the message gets deleted on the recipient’s end, the ‘Delivered’ status remains unchanged. There is also no reliable way for you to know if someone has deleted an entire conversation thread.

Since iMessage doesn’t provide any ‘read receipts’ when accessing conversations, you can’t tell if someone hasn’t opened your thread because it was deleted or just hasn’t been checked yet.

It is, therefore, nearly hard to tell if someone has deleted an iMessage or an entire conversation, which may be annoying for some. This fact highlights Apple’s intention to protect individual privacy and control over their digital communications.

Can You Retrieve the Messages You Deleted & How?

Yes, you can recover deleted messages on your iPhone using the Messages app.

With Messages in iCloud turned on, anything you delete and recover from your iPhone is likewise deleted and retrieved from all your other Apple devices.

Only your personal Messages conversations, not the conversations of your recipients, are altered by deleting and restoring messages. For up to 30 days after deletion, deleted texts can be recovered.

Do the following in the Messages app to recover:

  • In the top-left corner, select Edit, then select ‘Show Recently Deleted.’
  • To recover a conversation, tap it.
  • To recover the deleted messages, tap “Recover” in the bottom-right corner.

show recently deleted messages on iPhone


In conclusion, no one else is notified, even if you can remove chats and messages from your iPhone via the iMessage platform. It’s also challenging, if not impossible, to figure out if someone removed your messages because of iMessage’s privacy-focused design.

Remember iMessage will only notify if you unsend or edit a message that has aleady been sent. Through the recently deleted settings in the iMessage app on the iPhone, deleted messages can be recovered.

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