iMessage Stuck on Verifying Phone Number: Causes & Fixes

Is your iMessage stuck on verifying your phone number? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. 

In this article, we will examine the causes of this problem and offer you practical fixes for iMessage getting stuck on phone number verification.

How Long Does It Take to Verify the Number for iMessage?

iMessage’s verification procedure normally takes place very instantly, although the duration might change depending on several factors:

1. Network Connectivity

The speed and reliability of your internet connection may impact the verification procedure. A strong and dependable network connection can speed up the verification process.

2. Apple’s Servers

Communication between your device and Apple’s servers is necessary for verification. The speed and load of the server can affect how long it takes.

3. Phone Number Porting

The verification procedure could take longer if you recently transferred your phone number from one carrier to another.

4. Error or Delay

The verification procedure may occasionally have faults or delays, extending the time required to verify your number.

Possible Causes of The iMessage Verification Issue

Network Connection: A weak or unstable internet connection can delay the verification procedure. Make sure your Wi-Fi or cellular network connection is strong.

Apple’s Servers: Your device interacts with Apple’s servers during verification. Verification delays may occur if the servers are under heavy demand or are undergoing repair.

Phone Number Porting: The verification procedure could take longer if you recently switched carriers or relocated your phone number.

Wrong Settings: The verification procedure may be delayed by wrong settings on your device, such as an incorrect time or date.

iMessage Verification Issue Solutions

1. Check Network Connection

Check to see if your internet connection is reliable. To fix the problem, turn off and on Wi-Fi or use an alternative network.

Connect to a relibale wifi connection


2. Restart Your Device

In certain cases, a quick device restart might fix temporary issues and enable the verification procedure to complete without an issue.

3. Check Date and Time Settings

Make sure your device’s date and time settings are correct. Turn “Set Automatically” on by going to Settings > General > Date & Time.

Set Automatically turned on in date and time settings

4. Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings can assist in resolving network-related problems.

To Reset Network Settings, go to Settings -> General -> Reset and then choose Reset Network Settings. Please note that doing this will delete any saved VPN settings and Wi-Fi credentials.

Reset netwrok settings iPhone

5. Toggle iMessage On/Off

Turn iMessage off in the settings, then wait a while before turning it back on. This can force the verification procedure to start and refresh the iMessage connection.

Enabling iMessage on iPhone


6. Use Cellular Data

Use cellular data to complete the verification procedure if you have Wi-Fi network problems. 

7. Contact Your Carrier

If you recently ported your phone number, get in touch with your carrier to ensure there aren’t any limits or other problems that could be the root of the verification issue.

8. Update iOS

It’s important to keep your device’s operating system updated for maximum performance. Install any updates that are available by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Check for iOS update on iphone

9. Contact Apple Support

If none of the above fixes work, get in touch with Apple Support for additional help and guidance.

Why is Your Phone Number Not Verifying for iMessage?

It can be annoying to have difficulties in iMessage phone number verification. There are various things that can cause this problem.

Let’s explore some possible reasons why your phone number is not verifying for iMessage:

1. Incorrect Apple ID

Using an invalid Apple ID is another factor that could be causing the verification problem.

Make that your Apple ID is correctly linked to your device and that you are logged in with the account that corresponds to your phone number.

2. Limitations or Restrictions

Some carriers may place restrictions or limitations on the use of their services that may prevent successful phone number verification.

For information on any conditions or settings required for iMessage activation, contact your carrier.

3. Incompatible or Older iOS Version

Verification problems can arise if your smartphone is running an incompatible or older version of iOS.

Make sure your device is running an iOS version compatible with iMessage support. If not, ensure your device’s software is updated to the most recent version.

4. Server Problems

On occasion, Apple’s servers may encounter heavy traffic or other issues that make the verification process difficult.

This is a transitory circumstance, and once the server-related issues are fixed, the problem might go away on its own.

5. Regional Restrictions

Regional restrictions by Apple may also apply to the activation of iMessage. Needs or limitations in various nations or locations may impact the verification process. Verify that iMessage activation is supported in your region.

6. Disabled or Inactive Phone Number

Verification may fail if your phone number is inactive or disabled for any reason, such as a suspended account or unpaid bills. Verify with your carrier that your phone number is operational and in good standing.

7. iCloud Activation Lock

If your smartphone has an active iCloud Activation Lock, it may prevent the verification procedure from going smoothly.

Ensure to sign out of iCloud or use the proper iCloud account linked to the device to remove the Activation Lock.


In conclusion, having issues with iMessage’s phone number verification might be annoying. However, you can improve your chances of succeeding by understanding the potential causes of the issue and putting the recommended solutions into practice.

It is advised to get in touch with Apple Support for additional help if the problem continues. As you try to properly verify your phone number for iMessage, be patient and persistent.

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