How To See Missed Calls from Blocked Numbers on iPhone?

If you have recently blocked someone on your iPhone and are wondering if they are still trying to call you, then don’t worry; we got you covered.

This article will show you whether or not you can view missed calls from blocked numbers on your iPhone! And if not, then are there any alternative methods you can use?

Can You See Missed Calls from Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Unfortunately, there is no default way to see missed calls from a blocked number on your iPhone. Once a number has been blocked, all incoming calls from that number will not go through.

You will also not see any missed call notifications for calls that are blocked. Once you block a number, the blocked caller will no longer be able to reach you using that number.

If they try to call, they will only hear a recording saying that the person they are trying to reach is unavailable.

How to See Blocked Missed Calls on iPhone Using WhatsApp?

If the person you have blocked tries to call you from WhatsApp, then you will see a notification of that missed call.

This is the only way you can see missed calls from blocked numbers on the iphone.

But if you have blocked that person on WhatsApp too, then the notification will also not appear when they try to call you.

Will Blocked Missed Calls Show up On the Call Log?

No, blocked missed calls will not show up on your call log. Your call log only shows calls that have been answered, missed or declined.

If you have blocked someone, it is as if the call never happened. The blocked caller will not be able to leave a voicemail, and the call will not appear in your call history.

Will Blocked Missed Calls Show up On the Call Log After You Unblock Them?

No, calls that were missed while the person was still blocked will not show up in your call history after you unblock them.

You will only be able to see missed calls from someone after you have unblocked them if they try to call you again.

Can Someone Check My Call History to See if I Have Been Blocked?

No, just like you cannot see the call history of someone you have blocked, the same applies when you have been blocked.

Until they unblock you, they will not see any calls made by you. There is only one way they can check calls, and that is when you call them on WhatsApp.

Even then, they will only receive a notification of your call, but the call will still not appear on their call logs.

Is There a Way to See if A Blocked Number Has Texted You on Your iPhone?

No, when a blocked contact tries to send you a text, it will be sent from their phone, but it will never arrive at your iPhone.

The person you have blocked will not receive any notification that their text has not been delivered.

If they tried to text you using iMessage, their message would not be sent, but if they try to send you the text using your iCloud id, the text message will be delivered to your number.

Do You Receive Messages when You Unblock Someone?

No, you will not receive any messages that were sent to you while you had the person blocked.

All messages that were sent to you while the person was blocked will be deleted, and you will not be able to see them.

You will only receive messages sent to you after you have unblocked the person. If you want to see those messages, you will need to ask the person to send them again.


So, in conclusion, there is no way to see missed calls from a blocked number on your iPhone.

The only way you can see if someone has tried to call you while they are blocked is by using WhatsApp. And even then, you will only see a notification of the missed call, not the actual call itself.

We hope that this article was helpful in answering your question. If you have further questions, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading.

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