How to Remove Exclamation Mark on iPhone Messages?

Have you ever encountered an exclamation mark next to a message on your iPhone and wondered what it means or how to remove it? By understanding the root cause of this issue and learning how to remove the exclamation mark, you can ensure your messages are sent and received without hiccups.

This article will guide you to remove the exclamation mark on your iPhone messages.

Causes of The Exclamation Mark

The exclamation mark on iPhone messages may appear for several reasons, including.

For iMessage

If you have sent an iMessage to another iPhone user and the message was not sent due to no internet connection, then a red exclamation mark will appear next to that message.

Additionally, an exclamation mark will also appear on the messages app icon, indicating that one or more messages were not delivered. An unreliable or weak cellular data or Wi-Fi connection could cause messages to remain unsent, resulting in the exclamation mark.

For Text message

If your text message was not sent due to reasons like poor signal reception, Airplane mode, or insufficient credit, then a red exclamation mark will appear next to that message and on the messages app icon. 

Interpreting the Exclamation Mark: What It Means for Your Messages

The red exclamation mark serves as a warning that your message has not been successfully sent. It is essential to address this issue promptly to ensure your messages are delivered to their intended recipients without delays. Ignoring the exclamation mark might lead to miscommunication, especially in time-sensitive or important conversations.

By identifying the root cause of the exclamation mark on your messages, you can take the appropriate steps to remove it and improve your messaging experience on your iPhone. In the following sections, we will guide you through troubleshooting and resolving this issue.

How to Remove the Exclamation Mark on iPhone Messages?

Now that we know the common causes of the exclamation mark let’s dive into the steps you can take to resolve the issue and remove the exclamation mark from your messages.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

If the exclamation mark appears next to an iMessage, ensure your iPhone has a stable internet connection. You can either connect to a Wi-Fi network or enable cellular data.

To check your Wi-Fi connection

Go to “Settings” > “Wi-Fi” and ensure that Wi-Fi is turned on. Next, check that you are connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

To check your cellular data connection:

Go to “Settings” > “Cellular” and ensure that cellular data is turned on. Also, make sure you have a strong cellular signal.

2. Resend the Message

Once you have a stable internet connection, try resending the message by following these steps.

  1. Open the Messages app and locate the message with the exclamation mark.
  2.  Tap on the exclamation mark icon and select “Try Again” to resend the message.
  3.  You can also send the message as a text message by clicking the “send as text” button.

3. Disable Airplane mode

Ensure that Airplane mode is not enabled, as it can block the sending and receiving of messages, especially text messages. To check and disable Airplane mode:
Go to “Settings” > “Airplane Mode” and ensure that the toggle is set to “Off.”

4. Check Your Carrier Balance

If you are trying to send a text message and see the exclamation mark, check your account balance with your carrier, especially if you are on a prepaid plan.

If you have insufficient credit or have reached your messaging limit, you may need to top up your account or purchase an additional messaging allowance.

5. Check the Recipient’s Number

Verify that the recipient’s phone number is correct, and ensure you have not accidentally entered the wrong number. If necessary, delete and re-enter the recipient’s phone number before resending the message.

What Does a Double Exclamation Mark Mean on iPhone Messages?

A double exclamation mark “‼️” is an exclamation point emoji that is often used to emphasize a message or express a stronger emotion.

When someone uses two exclamation points together, they are usually trying to convey excitement, urgency, or a high level of emphasis in their message. The double exclamation mark emoji can be used as a reaction to a message.


In conclusion, the exclamation mark on iPhone messages indicates that your message has not been sent successfully.

By understanding the potential causes and following the outlined troubleshooting steps, you can effectively resolve the issue and ensure your messages are sent and received smoothly. The exclamation mark is a helpful reminder to address any connectivity or signal issues affecting your messaging experience.

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