How To See Through Blacked Out Text iPhone? [Easy & Quick]

Do you have an image that someone has tried to blackout with a marker, and you need to see what is underneath the ink? If so, don’t worry – we can help! This article will teach you how to see through a black marker on iPhone.

This process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Keep reading for instructions on how to do it!

How to Black out Text on iPhone?

If you have an iPhone, chances are you’ve taken a photo or screenshot of something that you later realized was too personal to share.

Maybe it’s a photo of a gift you got for someone, or maybe it’s a picture of something embarrassing that you don’t want anyone to see.

Whatever the case may be, you can use a simple trick to black out the text or images in the photo so that no one will be able to see them. Here’s how:

  1. Open the image from the Photo Gallery.
  2. Tap on the Edit button in the top right corner.
  3. Then tap on the Markup button.
  4. Use your finger to draw a black rectangle over the text or image that you want to blackout.
  5. Tap on the Done button.

That’s all there is to it! Now your photo is safe to share with anyone without worry that they’ll be able to see what’s underneath the black marker.

How to See Through a Black Marker on Your iPhone?

Now that you know how to blackout text or images on your photos, what if you need to do the opposite? What if you have a photo that someone has blacked out, and you need to see what’s underneath? 

There are a few different methods that you can use to try and see-through black marker on your photos, though; The easiest method is using iPhone’s default photo editor app.

It doesn’t matter whether your photo’s background is black or white because this method works for both. To do this

  1. First, open the photo in the “Photo Gallery.”
  2. Then Tap on the Edit button in the top right corner.
  3. Now increase the EXPOSURE to 100, Brilliance to 100, Contrast to -100, Highlights to 100, and Shadows to 100.

Now the blacked-out text will be visible, and you can see what was underneath the black marker.

How to Stop Others from Uncovering Your Blacked-Out Text?

If you’re worried about someone using this method to see through your black marker, there’s no need to worry!

There are many ways to stop others from uncovering your blacked out text.

Use the Pencil Tool Instead of Marker

If you use a pencil tool to blackout the text instead of a marker, it will be much harder for someone to see through.

This is because the pencil will create a thinner line that is less likely to be seen.

Use Different Colors

You can also use different light colors to blackout the text. For example, you could use an orange or yellow marker instead of a black one.

This will make it even harder for someone to see through.

Use Multiple Layers

Another way to make it harder for someone to see through your black marker is by using multiple layers.

This means that you would black out the text multiple times with different colors or pencils.

Blackout Text with The Same Color as the Image Background

If you’re really worried about someone being able to see through your black marker, you can try to blackout the text with the same color as the image background.

For example, if the image background is white, you would use a white pencil or marker to black out the text.

This is a foolproof method because the other person will not even know whether you have hidden the text or not.

So, if they don’t even sense it, they will probably not try to uncover it.


We hope this article helped you learn how to see through a black marker on your photos.

Remember to be careful with the information you share and always use multiple methods to black out text.

This will ensure that your photos are safe and secure from prying eyes. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

And if you know of any other methods that work, be sure to let us know about them. Thanks for reading!

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