Where Do Voice Memos Are Saved on iPhone?

Have you ever wondered where those priceless voice memos go after being recorded on your iPhone? If yes, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’re here to reveal where your voice memos are kept. We’ll walk you through the process in simple, understandable language, regardless of your level of technical expertise or experience with the iPhone. Let’s look into and clarify the topic of iPhone voice memo storage.

Where Do Voice Memos Save on iPhone?

You can better organize and access your recordings if you know the different places on your iPhone where voice memos can be saved.

1. Default Voice Memo Location

The Voice Memos app normally saves voice memos when recorded on an iPhone. Since these memos are kept locally on your device, you can view them even without an internet connection. Open the Voice Memos app and browse your recorded memos to get to them.

2. iCloud Storage

You can store voice memos in iCloud with iOS 13 and later. With the help of this function, you can sync your memos throughout all your Apple devices, including your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, making them accessible from anywhere. 

To enable this:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Then [your name] 
  • iCloud 
  • Voice Memos
  • Toggle the switch on

3. Independent Apps

Furthermore, voice memos can be stored in third-party cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

To do this, open the Voice Memos app, choose a memo, hit the Share button, and then select the preferred cloud storage app. Your voice memos will be safely stored in the cloud in this manner and will be accessible from a variety of tools and platforms.

4. Apps for Messaging or Email

You can transmit voice memos via email or messaging services like WhatsApp or iMessage if you want to share them with others immediately. The memos will be saved as attachments in the relevant chats by these apps, making them accessible for recovery.

Why Can’t You Find Voice Memos on My iPhone?

“Why can’t I find my voice memos on my iPhone?” Many iPhone users have run upon this confusing question. It might be very frustrating to be unable to find your voice memo recordings. Many factors cause this issue. 

Firstly, mistakes in deletion or relocation are frequently to blame. Voice memos could unintentionally be deleted or relocated to another program or folder.

Memos may also be lost because of synchronization problems with iCloud or other backup providers. Voice memos may also be temporarily hidden due to software or device issues. 

Lastly, a full iPhone storage capacity can prevent saving new voice memos. The first step in addressing the riddle of your iPhone’s disappearing voice memos is to comprehend these fundamental causes.

Are Voice Memos Saved to iCloud or iPhone?

On your iPhone, voice memos can be saved locally on the device or in iCloud. By default, they are kept on your iPhone and can be accessed offline using the Voice Memos app. 

However, you can choose to save them in the cloud using iCloud integration, providing synchronization across all your Apple devices.

This is convenient because you can access your voice memos from anywhere, but managing your storage settings is necessary to prevent running out of storage.

How Long Do Voice Memos Stay on The iPhone?

Most of the time, voice memos on your iPhone stay there unless you decide to remove them. They won’t automatically run out of time or disappear.

Keep an eye on your storage space, though, as a full iPhone can prevent you from recording fresh voice memos. If you’re low on capacity, think about moving or backing up your voice memos to another device or a cloud storage service to free up space.


In conclusion, effective management requires knowing where voice memos are saved on your iPhone. They could be kept on-device locally, in iCloud, other cloud services, or messaging applications. Your activities will determine how long they remain; they can stay until manually erased or until storage capacity runs out, which may cause removal.

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