Can You Make Wi-Fi Calls on A Plane?

Ever wondered whether you could make Wi-Fi calls while flying? 

In this article, we examine the realities of in-flight connectivity and answer whether making personal conversations or placing business calls when flying at 30,000 feet is possible. 

Can You Make Wi-Fi Calls Using iPhone on A Plane?

The quick answer is yes, but there are certain limitations. Technical developments in onboard Wi-Fi systems have made in-flight phone calls possible.

However, they are usually not allowed out of safety and politeness reasons. Voice calls are strictly prohibited during flights due in large part to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and airline restrictions. 

An in-depth discussion of the legal issues limiting phone conversations on airplanes is provided in this article, along with an examination of the factors that led to the limits and an examination of the technology that permits Wi-Fi calls. Prepare to learn the truth about the rules governing in-flight communication.

A women making a Wi-Fi call while travelling on an airplane

How to Make a Phone Call from a Airplane?

Since some airlines allow you to make Wi-Fi calls while on an airplane, this is how to do it.

Wi-Fi Calling Feature

One method of making a call while in the air is to use the Wi-Fi calling feature that is allowed by some airlines. On their cell phones, passengers can use Wi-Fi calling to place calls using an internet connection rather than through conventional cellular networks.

The onboard Wi-Fi system of the airline is necessary for this function. Passengers can make voice calls using suitable apps or services by connecting their devices to the aircraft’s Wi-Fi network.

Compatible Devices and Apps

Passengers will need a suitable device and the required apps to use Wi-Fi calling on an airplane. Most modern smartphones enable Wi-Fi calling. However, confirming that your device and carrier support it is crucial. 

In addition, several applications, like FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp, let users conduct voice calls over Wi-Fi. Before your flight, ensure these apps are installed and set up on your device.

Is It Okay to Make a Call on a Airplane & What Happens If You Do?

According to airline norms and regulations, making phone calls while flying is not permitted. The purpose of this restriction is to keep the cabin calm and comfortable for all travelers.

Voice calls can be annoying and intrusive to others around you, especially in the restricted environment of a plane cabin.

The usage of cellular signals and voice communications aboard airplanes is also restricted by laws established by regulatory agencies like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

1. Potential Consequences

There can be consequences if you ignore the no-call policy and place a call while in the air. Enforcing the regulations and ensuring everyone on board has a safe and enjoyable flight are the responsibilities of the cabin crew.

They might approach you and urge you to stop the call gently. The crew might take the issue to the airline’s authorities in more serious situations if the violation continues or causes disturbances, which could result in fines or even legal action after landing.

It is critical to respect both the comfort of other passengers and the rules established by the airline. While it may be tempting to make or receive a call while in the air, it’s important to abide by the rules and choose another form of contact instead that does not disrupt the travel experience for others.

A sign saying " Tuen off all electronic devices" on Airplane

2. Alternatives to Phone Calls

Alternative communication methods are available if making regular phone calls from a plane is not allowed or preferred. You can still communicate with colleagues, relatives, or close friends through messaging applications, email, and social media websites.

Text-based communication, media sharing, and even video calls (where allowed) are all possible using these techniques. Furthermore, many airlines provide WiFi-based onboard messaging services that let passengers communicate with individuals on the ground.


In conclusion, even if it is technically possible to make phone calls from a plane utilizing Wi-Fi calling, it’s important to consider airline laws and regulations that may limit voice calls during flights.

Understand alternate communication methods, then take advantage of flying at 30,000 feet while keeping in touch with friends and family or completing business.

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