Can You Skip an iOS Update on Your iPhone? – Explained!

Are you confused about whether you can simply skip an iOS update, or is it necessary to update your iPhone every time you see any update? If yes, then we are here to clear up your confusion.

In this article, we will solve this simple yet important query and explore its causes so you know the consequences if you skip any updates. In the end, we will discuss some benefits of iOS updates, so stay connected until the end. Let’s get started!

Is it ok to Skip an iOS Update iPhone?

The first question that comes to mind is if it is okay to skip an update on an iPhone. Although most of the apps on your phone will work fine if you skip any update from Apple, but practically, it is not advised to skip iOS updates.

It is because Apple constantly updates many features in your device that increase your online experience in many ways.

It mainly enhances your phone’s security with every single update. So, skipping updates is not preferred as it can lead to many security risks, including stealing or hacking your data. 

Can You Skip an iOS Update on iPhone?

You can skip iOS updates on your iPhone if you don’t want the recent version to run on your iPhone. Some apps will also be working fine on your old updates.

However, it is advised to update your phone as new updates help increase the functionality of your iPhone. So, you can skip the iOS update if you want to, but experts do not recommend it.

How Do You Skip or Delay the Update on Your iPhone?

You can skip or delay updates on your iPhone in the following ways, but remember, it is advised to update your iPhone as soon as possible to enjoy a more seamless experience without getting delayed.

1. Delay Update

If you are busy and don’t have enough time to update your phone immediately as soon as you get any update, you can change the following settings on your iPhone to delay it.

  • Open the settings app on your phone
  • Scroll down to access “General”.
  • In general, look for “Software Updates”.
  • Tap on “update tonight” under available update.

This will update your device when you lock it and have enough battery.

2. Disable Automatic Updates

When automatic updates are enabled on your iPhone, your device automatically updates your phone to the latest available updates, which might bother you as you won’t be able to use your iPhone while it’s updating. To disable automatic updates.

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down to “General”.
  • Now, go to “software updates.”
  • Click on “automatic updates” and toggle it off.

What Happens When You Don’t Update Your iPhone?

If you skip updates on your iPhone, several things can happen, as mentioned below.

1. Security Risk

As mentioned earlier, skipping updates can lead to many security risks. With each new update, Apple ensures that your phone’s security is enhanced so you can enjoy using your device without worrying about your precious data. So, it is highly recommended that you update your phone.

2. Missing Features

Every update brings unique features to your device, which helps you enhance your usage experience. To take advantage of improvements in features, think about updating your phone.

3. Reduced Performance

Skipping updates can reduce the overall performance of your device, which can also lead to slow running of your device. To enjoy a fast performance of your device, do not skip any iOS updates from Apple.

4. Software Glitches

If you are still using old software, your device can have bugs and glitches that can affect your device’s performance, stability, and functionality. Updates usually come with bug fixes, so avoid skipping them.

5. Compatibility with Apps 

Some apps might stop functioning or function slowly due to skipping updates. To run apps faster and work properly, do not skip updates as developers optimize their apps for the latest iOS release.

Benefits of iOS Updates

Any update that comes on your device offers tons of benefits to your device, including enhanced performance, security, and durability.

Here are some well-known benefits that any update can provide.

  • iOS updates enhance the security of your valuable data.
  • It ensures improved performance of your device.
  • Some apps like Apple Pay, Apple Music, and iCloud may require the latest version to work properly.
  • Updates include fixes for software bugs and glitches.


To conclude the above information, skipping any updates on your iPhone is not recommended or advised. These updates improve your device’s performance and enhance your device’s and data’s security.

You can delay updates by accessing settings if you are busy with something important, but skipping them entirely is not recommended.

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