How To Check Temperature of Your iPhone? – Best Method

It can be frustrating when your iPhone runs too hot. Maybe you left it in the sun or in your pocket, and it got too warm.

Maybe you’re playing a game, and it starts to overheat, Or you’re trying to troubleshoot a problem and need to know if the phone is overheating. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to check the temperature of your iPhone.

This article will show you how to check your iPhone’s temperature! We will also provide some tips on how to cool down an overheated iPhone.

How to Check Phone Temperature of Your iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no default app on iPhone that shows the temperature for now, but this feature can be added in the upcoming iOS update. However, there is another way to check the temperature of your iPhone.

To do this, you will need to download a third-party app from the App Store. There are many different apps available, but we recommend using the “Battery and charger test” app.

To download,

  1. Go to the app store, search for “Battery and charger test“, and download it.
  2. After it has been installed, open the app and grant it permission by clicking on ok when the popup appears.
  3. Now it will show the current temperature of your iPhone as well as other important things like voltage, battery health etc.

Does iPhone Have a Temperature Sensor?

Yes, iPhone has a temperature sensor that is used to protect the phone from overheating. The sensor is located near the battery and monitors the phone’s internal temperature.

If the phone gets too hot, it will show a notification saying, “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it“, and if the temperature rises, even more, it will automatically turn off to prevent damage.

How to Cool Down an Overheated iPhone?

  • If your iPhone has a back cover, remove the cover, and the temperature will start to fall.
  • Low power mode reduces the energy consumption of your iPhone at the cost of performance. You can also put your iPhone in low power mode to cool it down.
  • If your iPhone is overheating, the first thing you should do is remove it from the heat source. If it was in your pocket, take it out and put it in a cool place. Also, if you were using it in direct sunlight, move it to shade or indoors.
  • If your iPhone is plugged in, quickly remove it from the charger to cool it down, as charging an iPhone always raises the temperature.

In most cases, an overheated iPhone will cool down on its own, and you won’t need to do anything else.

However, if your phone gets too hot frequently or starts to overheat even when you’re not using it, there may be a more serious problem.

You should take it to an Apple Store or authorized service provider for further diagnosis.

Is There a Free Thermometer App for iPhones?

While many different applications are available for iPhone users, not all of them are free.

In fact, many app developers charge a fee for their products in order to generate revenue. However, there are also several free thermometer apps available for iPhone users.

One such app is the “Battery and charger test” app, which uses the phone’s built-in sensor to measure the temperature. There are also a number of other paid apps available if you are looking for premium features.

Does iPhone Show a Temperature Warning?

Yes, iPhone does show a temperature warning when the device’s internal temperature gets too high.

This usually happens when the device is used for extended periods of time in hot environments, such as direct sunlight or in a car on a hot day.

When the warning pops up, it is recommended to stop using the device until it cools down.

Additionally, it is important to avoid exposing the device to extremely cold temperatures, as this can also damage the internal components.

Apple has designed the iPhone to operate within a specific temperature range. So by following these guidelines, users can help ensure that their devices remain in good working condition.

Is There an App to Cool Down My iPhone?

No, there is not an app that can cool down your iPhone. But if you stop using your iPhone for some time and let it cool down, its temperature will automatically start decreasing until it hits the ideal temperature between 0°C and 35°C.


So, in conclusion, if you want to check the temperature of your iPhone, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can either use a free app like “Battery and charger test”.

Additionally, you can also put your iPhone in low power mode to help reduce energy consumption and heat output.

Finally, if your iPhone is overheating, you should remove it from the heat source and let it cool down for some time.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading!

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