How to Find Recently Added Contacts on iPhone?

Are you wondering how to find recently added contacts on your iPhone quickly?

Finding the newest additions doesn’t have to be difficult, whether you’re a business professional networking or just looking to organize your address book.

 Let’s investigate several simple ways to locate those recent contacts quickly.

Where Does Recently Added Contact Go on iPhone?

The address book on your iPhone automatically updates whenever you add a new contact. These recently added contacts are placed in the “Contacts” app, making it simple to retrieve them in the future. 

Your connected devices will also be updated if you synchronize your contacts with iCloud or other accounts.

How Do You Find Recently Added Contacts? 

You have the option to select the most practical method to find recently added contacts on your iPhone from a variety of approaches.

1. Phone App

Open the “Phone” application, then select the “Contacts” tab near the bottom. The most recent additions should appear at the top whether your contacts are organized by “Recents” or “All Contacts.”

2. Contacts App

From your home screen, open the “Contacts” app. The most recent contacts will be placed at the top of your contact list, depending on your sorting selection, which is typically set to “Recent.”

3. Siri Shortcut

If you’ve set up Siri Shortcuts, you can build a special shortcut to access recently added contacts quickly.

This entails building automation that sorts contacts according to their creation dates and displays them in a list.

4. Spotlight Search

To use Spotlight Search, swipe down on your home screen or right from your main home screen. If your settings allow it, start typing the name of the most recent contact, and it should show up in the search results.

These approaches consider various user preferences and make finding and communicating with your iPhone’s most recent contacts easy.

Is There a Way to See when You Add a Contact on Your iPhone? 

Certainly! You can find the date of contact added by using the Siri shortcut. 

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for finding recently added contacts on your iPhone using the Siri Shortcuts app.

  • Once the page has loaded in Safari or your browser, tap or click the “Get Shortcut” button to access the shortcut. By doing so, the download will start. 

  • After downloading, the app might open immediately. If not, open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

  • Tap the shortcut to start its execution. If the Contacts app is already open, it will either open or appear on the screen.
  • Your 10 most recent contact additions will be displayed in a list that appears. These contacts will be seen as an additional layer over the Contacts app.

  • Tap any name in the list to see when you created a particular contact. A new banner will show the date and time the selected contact was added.

  • Tap “Done” to leave the shortcut when you are through using it.
  • You can alter the shortcut to search for more current contacts than the most recent 10 contacts. Tap the three dots in the shortcut’s upper right corner to enter editing mode.


Thanks to several techniques, your contacts are easy to manage and access in the dynamic world of iPhones. Finding and organizing recently added contacts gives simplicity and efficiency, whether you use Siri Shortcuts or the strength of Spotlight Search. Utilize these simple strategies to stay connected.

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