How to Get Android Emojis on iPhone? (Solved)

Have you ever wondered how to add a little of Android’s expressive emojis to conversations on the iPhone? 

In this article, we’ll look at how to include Android emojis into your iPhone’s messaging app to make sure your interactions are filled with cross-platform fun.

Can You Get Android Emojis on iPhone?

Emojis are those cute tiny images that can be used in communications to convey various emotions. Emojis are available on both Android and iPhone, although occasionally, you might prefer one over the other. 

You can download Android emojis on your iPhone, which is good news! There are various methods for doing this. You can use specific apps to add Android emojis to the keyboard on your iPhone. Using messaging apps that allow you to edit your emojis is another option.

 Just keep in mind that while it is possible to download Android emojis to your iPhone, the procedure may differ and rely on the apps you use.

Do Android Emojis Show up on iPhones?

Emojis from Android can appear on an iPhone, so yes. There are ways to use Android emojis on an iPhone in addition to the built-in iPhone emojis.

You can change the default emoji design in some apps and messaging services to Android, enabling you to see and apply those emojis in your interactions. 

Just be aware that certain programs may need to be used or settings may need to be changed, and emoji display may differ slightly between systems. So, if you like the expressive, vibrant characters of Android emojis but use an iPhone, you may still do so in your texts.

How To Get Android Emojis On iPhone? 

There are various ways to include emojis in your texting experience if you’re an iPhone user who likes the colorful and varied selection of Android emojis.

While iPhones have their own distinctive emojis, you can use the following techniques to add some of Android’s charming emoji attractions.

Method 1. Emoji Apps and Keyboards

Installing third-party emoji apps or keyboards is one of the easiest methods to obtain Android emojis on your iPhone. The popular Android emojis are among the many emoji types available in these apps. However, be aware that using external keyboards could somewhat change how you type.

For example, Google’s Gboard and Swiftjey

How to apply?

  • Install the program, then configure it by following the on-screen directions.
  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Go to “General” and then click “Keyboard.”

  • Click “Keyboards” to view the installed keyboards you have.
  • Click “Add New Keyboard” and choose the installed emoji app.
  • Now that you have this keyboard, you can use Android emojis.
  • By pressing the globe icon on your keyboard, you can switch to the emoji keyboard while typing.

Method 2. Customizable Messaging Apps

The ability to personalize your emoji collection has been built into some messaging programs. You can change from the standard iOS emojis to the Android ones by using these apps. Look for messaging applications that allow you to customize your emojis in the settings. Once enabled, you can use your favorite messaging app while using various Android emojis.

For example, WhatsApp, Telegram

  • On your iPhone, install and launch the texting app.
  • Create a profile.
  • Use the messaging applications with your favorite emojis now.

Method 3. System-Wide Changes (for Jailbroken Devices)

The default iOS emojis can be changed system-wide to Android emojis for more experienced users with hacked iPhones. It is advised that only individuals who are familiar with jailbreaking and its consequences attempt this because it involves altering the fundamental system files.

  • Your iPhone can be jailbroken using a trusted and secure way.
  • Search the jailbroken community for an appropriate emoji mod or tweak.
  • Follow the instructions to download and install the mod.
  • Apply the Android emojis system-wide by following any instructions that are provided.
  • Be cautious because system changes may compromise the security and stability of your device.
  • Remember that jailbreaking carries some risk and can void the warranty on your device.

Benefits of Using Android Emojis on Your iPhone?

Using Android emojis in discussions on your iPhone has several noteworthy advantages. 

First off, Android emojis provide a unique and colorful expressive style, giving your messages more diversity. When speaking with Android users, they can fill the communication gap, resulting in more seamless interactions. 

In addition, Android emojis frequently offer a wider variety of possibilities to express complex emotions. You may express emotions more precisely by utilizing these emojis. 

This cross-platform connection also highlights your uniqueness and distinguishes your communications. 

Finally, the novelty and excitement of using various emoticons can give your chats a feeling of creativity and delight, enhancing and livening up your interactions


Using Android emojis on an iPhone gives communication a colorful twist. Users can smoothly combine platforms via apps and adaptable platforms, which broadens their ability to communicate emotion. The diversity of advantages, including more variety and improved cross-platform engagement, demonstrates how these tiny icons can greatly improve our online conversations.

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