How To Pause FaceTime: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re like me, then you’re also on the go all the time and don’t have time for a full Facetime call. Maybe you need a break or want to save your data plan for later.

Whatever the reason, learning how to pause facetime is a must! So, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to pause your Facetime calls!

How to Pause a Facetime Call on iPhone/iPad?

There are two methods to pause a facetime call on iPhone/iPad:

Method One

The first method is to simply press your home button or swipe up from the bottom to go to your home screen. From here, there are two scenarios:

  • If Picture in Picture(PIP) is disabled from settings on your iPhone, then as soon as you go to your home screen, your Facetime call will pause.
  • If Picture in Picture is enabled, then a small Floating Facetime window will appear on your home screen, and you need to hide this screen by moving it to the right until it disappears.

The person you are calling will see a pause icon in the middle of their screen, indicating you have paused the call.

Remember to pause your audio by clicking on the microphone icon on facetime before going to your home screen.

Method Two

The second method is to turn off the internet. When you turn off your internet, your Facetime call will be paused, and the person you are calling will see a triangle icon on their screen indicating an internet connection problem.

You will also see the same triangle icon on your screen, and as soon as you turn the internet back on, your Facetime call will continue from where you left.

Does Facetime Pause when you Switch Apps?

It depends on whether you have a picture in picture mode enabled or disabled.

If it is enabled on your iPhone, then when you switch apps, a small floating screen will appear, and your call will still continue.

You will have to manually remove that screen by sliding it to the right until it is not visible anymore.

But, If you have Picture in picture mode disabled, then your facetime video will pause as soon as you switch apps.

Why Does Facetime Pause when you Use Other Apps?

The main reason FaceTime pauses when you use other apps is that your Picture in Picture(PIP) mode is disabled. PIP allows you to use other apps while still being on a video call.

So, if you want your FaceTime call to not pause as soon as you switch apps, then you need to enable the PIP mode from your settings.

How to Stay on Facetime While on Other Apps?

The best way to stay on a FaceTime call while using other apps is to enable the Picture in Picture mode. To enable Picture in picture mode(PIP),

  1. Go to your iPhone settings.
  2. Tap on General and click on Picture in Picture.
  3. Turn on the slider next to “Start PiP Automatically.”

This will automatically open a small facetime screen while you use other apps. To get rid of the small facetime screen, simply disable Picture in picture mode.

How to Multitask while on Facetime iPhone?

Enabling the Picture in Picture mode will allow you to multitask while on FaceTime. PIP mode will allow you to use any other app without disconnecting your Facetime video or audio.

You can text someone, play games, use social apps, e.t.c, while still being on a FaceTime call. This is a great feature, but this feature only works on iOS 14 and above.

If you want to pause FaceTime but still see the person you are calling, then you need to do two things.

The first is to pause your own video by clicking on the camera icon and audio by clicking on the microphone icon in the facetime app.

The second is to enable PIP mode from settings-> General. After that, simply go to your home screen and you will still see and hear the other person while your audio and video will be paused.

As there is no default way to split screen on iPhone, Picture in Picture mode is the closest thing to a split screen that you can get on iPhone.

Facetime Picture in Picture Not Working (Solutions)

  • PIP is a new feature introduced in iOS 14. So, If you are running an older version of iOS, then you won’t be able to use this feature. Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version, and then try using PIP mode.
  • Check if PIP is enabled or not by going to the settings app and then tapping on general-> Picture in Picture. If it is disabled, then turn on the slider next to “Start PiP Automatically.”
  • Finally, there can be a glitch that may be causing PIP to not start. Simply restarting your iPhone will fix minor glitches most of the time.


So, in conclusion, Picture in picture mode allows you to pause your facetime call and use other apps without disconnecting the Facetime call. It is a great multitasking feature, but it only works on iOS 14 or above.

And if you want to pause FaceTime but still see the person you are calling, then you need to pause your video and audio by clicking on the camera and microphone icon in the Facetime app.

Finally, if PIP is not working, try restarting your iPhone or updating to the latest iOS version. Thanks for reading! We hope this article helps you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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