How To Split Screen on iPhone: The Ultimate Guide

Split-screen is a handy feature, especially if you are trying to multitask. Although iPhone doesn’t have a default split-screen features, there are many other ways to split screen on iPhone.

This article will show you how to split the screen on iPhone in a few easy steps. Keep reading for more information!

Can you Split Screen On iPhone?

The iPhone doesn’t have a default split-screen feature. This feature was included in the iPad in its last update, so there are rumors it will also be added to the iPhone in the upcoming iOS update.

However, many third-party apps allow you to split-screen on your iPhone.

How To Split Screen On iPhone

As we mentioned above, the split-screen feature is not available on iPhone by default. However, there are other ways that you can use to get around this.

Use Split Screen – Dual Window App

One of the ways that you can use to split screen on an iPhone is by using a “Split Screen – Dual Window” App.

To do this,

  1. Go to the Apple store and download the “Split Screen – Dual Window” App. Make sure you download the app given in the link, as there are many other apps, but they are not free.
  2. After downloading, open the app, and your screen will be split.
  3. You can choose the size of each window by dragging the bar in the middle.

Use the Cydia app to split screen on iPhone:

  1.  You can use Cydia to split-screen if you have a jailbroken iPhone because it has.
  2. Cydia is like an app store but only for jailbroken iPhones, and it has many jailbreak tweaks.
  3. You can use Cydia to install the ” FloatingDockPlus13 Rus” tweak ( From ReJail Repo ).
  4. This tweak will allow you to “Split Screen” on your iPhone.
  5. After installation, go to Settings -> and find FloatingDockPlus13 Rus and enable the tweak.
  6. Now open any app and swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and a list of apps will be displayed.
  7. Drag the app you want to use into the middle of the screen.
  8. Now, both your apps will be displayed next to each other.

Use Picture in picture mode

If you only want to watch a video on your split-screen, the best way is to use the PIP feature. This can be done by opening the video you want to watch on full screen and then swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Next, tap on the “PIP” icon and select the app you want to use. The video will then be played in a small window while using the other app.

To enable PicPicture in picture mode, go to Settings -> General -> Picture in Picture and then turn on the switch. Your video will be displayed on a split-screen when you want to use other apps.

Why split-screen is a useful feature:

  • Split-screen is very useful when you want to multitask. For example, if you are watching a video and also want to text someone, you can use the split-screen feature to do both simultaneously.
  • Another example is if you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp and also want to search for something on Google, split-screen will come in handy.
  • If you are a student, then a split-screen can be handy when studying for exams. You can have your notes open in one window and the exam paper in another.
  • You can also use split-screen when you want to watch a video and read comments at the same time. For example, if you want to watch a tutorial and also want to see the live comments, you can use split-screen to do both.
  • Last but not least, split-screen is also useful when you are playing games. For example, if you are playing a game and also want to chat with your friends, you can use split-screen to do both at the same time.


So, in conclusion, there are many ways that you can use to split-screen on your iPhone. You can either use a “Split Screen-Dual Window” app or use Cydia to install the “FloatingDockPlus13 Rus” tweak.

You can also use the PIP mode to watch videos on a split-screen.

We hope that this article was helpful and you were able to split-screen on your iPhone. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment below! Thanks for reading!


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