How To Make The Most of Your Calls on iPhone [Tips and Tricks]

Every iPhone user makes and receives at least a few calls every day. And if you’re not getting the most out of your calls, you’re missing out on some key features and benefits.

This blog post will discuss tips and tricks for making the most of your iPhone calls.

1. Answer All Calls on Speaker Automatically

If you have a hearing aid or just want to hear loud and clear when someone calls you, there’s a setting that automatically lets your iPhone answer all calls on the speaker.

  1. Just go to Settings and tap on general.
  2. Now click on ‘Accessibility’ and select “call auto routing.”
  3. Now select ‘Speaker’ from the list of the options, and you are good to go.

2. Make Emergency Calls when Your iPhone Is Locked 

If your iphone is locked, and you want to make an emergency call.

  1. Swipe right on your screen and tap on the emergency.
  2. Now the dailer will be open, and you can dial any emergency number.
  3. You can also tap on the power button five times in quick succession to bring up the “Emergency SOS” slider. Now drag the slider to place an emergency call.

3. Wi-Fi Calling

Some carriers like At&t, Verizon, and Sprint also support wifi calling, which allows you to make calls using your WIFi. To enable wifi calling,

  1. Go to your Settings and tap on the phone.
  2. Next, click on wifi calling.
  3. Then turn the slider next to “Wifi calling on this phone” to ON.

4. Set a Custom Ringtone or Vibration Pattern for A Contact

You can find out who is trying to call you by setting a custom ringtone or vibration pattern for that contact.

This can be helpful if you keep your phone in your pocket and don’t want to answer unwanted calls. To do this,

  1. Go to contacts and select the contact you want.
  2. Next, tap edit and scroll down to ringtone or vibration and select the custom ringtone or vibration you want for that contact.
  3. You can also set both if you want to be more accurate when identifying calls from that contact.

5. Reply with A Pre-Written Custom Message

Everybody ignores calls from time to time. Maybe, you are in a middle of an important task or just don’t feel like talking.

iPhone allows you to send pre-written text messages to callers to make them feel like you are not ignoring them, but they are not that good.

But don’t worry; we will explain how you can create your custom pre-written message.

  1. Go to settings and click on the phone.
  2. Scroll down and click on respond with text.
  3. Now you will see the pre-written messages, just click on any of them and write your own custom message.

This will make the message sound more like you to the caller.


So these are some tips and tricks you can use to make your calling experience even better on iPhone.Thanks for reading this article.

We hope this article helped teach you some tips and tricks on calling with your iPhone.If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below.

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