How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to One iPhone?

Do you have queries about connecting several Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone? For a party or outdoor event, connecting multiple speakers can improve your audio experience. 

In this article, we will walk you through the simple steps to set up a strong and realistic sound setup with your iPhone, increasing the fun of your music and parties.

Can You Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to An iPhone?

You can connect many Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone, but some limitations exist. Even while newer iOS versions enable this feature, there may be a restriction to the number of speakers you can connect at once, and the audio may not sync flawlessly between all speakers.

Furthermore, some older Bluetooth speakers might not be compatible with this feature due to technology limitations.

How Many Speakers Can Be Connected to an iPhone?

The iPhone from Apple is technically capable of making connections with up to seven Bluetooth devices at once. However, practical usage shows that keeping the number of linked devices to three or four at most is advisable.

This restriction ensures that operations run without problems like audio synchronization or connectivity issues. 

Although the iPhone can support additional connections, it’s important to consider the actual effects because having too many connected devices could affect the quality of the connections and your overall user experience.

Therefore, it’s advised to keep the number of Bluetooth speakers or devices connected at once within the advised range for best reliability and performance.

Methods of Connecting Two Bluetooth Speakers to an iPhone

Here are specific directions for connecting two Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone in two different ways:

Method 1. Direct Connection with Bluetooth 5.0 and Up

You can connect two Bluetooth speakers directly without using any additional apps or accessories if your iPhone supports Bluetooth 5.0 or above. Perform these actions:

1. Turn on Both Bluetooth Speakers

Make sure both Bluetooth speakers are powered on and in pairing mode by turning them both on. Read the user guide to understand how to activate pairing mode on your speakers.

2. Turn on Bluetooth

Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and select “Bluetooth.” Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your iPhone. Toggle it on if it isn’t already.

3. Available Devices

Hold on till your iPhone finds any available devices. It will look for nearby Bluetooth devices on your iPhone. It might take a little while.

4. Select the Bluetooth Speakers

You should be able to see the Bluetooth speakers on the list of compatible devices. To connect with a certain speaker, tap on their name.

5. Play Audio

Your iPhone will identify the two speakers as distinct audio outputs as soon as they are both connected. Playing audio content, such as music, will stream simultaneously to both speakers.

Method 2. Using Particular Bluetooth Speaker Features

Several speaker manufacturers, including soundcore, have created unique capabilities for wirelessly connecting numerous speakers. Here’s how to connect numerous Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone using these features:

1. Turn on Bluetooth

Make sure your Bluetooth is discoverable by turning on Bluetooth on your iPhone.

2. Select a main speaker

Select the primary speaker from among your Bluetooth speakers, then pair it with your iPhone.

3. Activate the special feature.

Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the main speaker (such as the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus) for roughly 3 seconds to activate the special feature (such as PartyCast). A blinking white light will let you know it is in pairing mode.

4. Activate the special feature on the second speaker

With the second speaker, use the same method. Furthermore, a white light will appear to indicate a successful connection.

5. Repeat for other speakers

Use the same procedure to connect each additional speaker to the main speaker if you have any.

Method 3. Utilizing Apple AirPlay

Note: This method works for iOS-compatible speakers or Apple Home Pod users. Please be aware that it only works with Apple iOS devices.

1. Access the Control Center

On your iPhone, start by opening the Control Centre by swiping up from the screen’s bottom edge on iPhone models eight and before. Swipe down from the upper-right corner for more recent models.

2. Select AirPlay

Find and press the “AirPlay” option in the group controls in the upper-right corner of the Control Centre to choose AirPlay.

3. Select Speakers

From the AirPlay menu, pick the speakers you want to receive the audio from. This method has been designed for a smooth audio experience but is limited to Apple iOS devices.

These methods will enable you to pair several Bluetooth speakers with your iPhone via Bluetooth 5.0 or through unique features made available by certain speaker manufacturers like Soundcore. This allows you to listen to audio playback on multiple speakers, enhancing the audio experience.


In conclusion, adding more Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone can improve the sound quality, but it’s important to consider compatibility and device restrictions.

You can enjoy synced sound from two speakers by following the instructions in this article, whether you’re using Bluetooth 5.0 or unique speaker features. This will make your music or entertainment more immersive and pleasurable.

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