How to Make Someone Think You Blocked Them on iMessage?

Ever wondered if there is a method to trick someone into thinking you have blocked them on iMessage? 

In this article, we will explain an excellent approach that might make one appear stuck and leave others wondering. In just a few simple steps, learn the secrets of this remarkable method.

Why Make Someone Think You’ve Blocked Them?

You might occasionally, or under some circumstances, find yourself wishing to give the impression that you’ve blocked someone on iMessage.

There can be good reasons for using such a strategy, even though it could seem unproductive or even dishonest. Let’s examine some potential explanations for this action:

1. Boundaries & Personal Space

One way to establish personal boundaries is to make someone feel as if they have been blocked.

This can be extremely helpful when interacting with people who constantly invade your privacy, overload you with messages, or ignore your need for personal space.

2. Time for Reflection

Making someone believe they have been blocked can provide you with the rest you need if you find yourself in a situation where you need to take some time to consider or sort through your emotions.

You can distance yourself from them, lessening communication and allowing you to process your feelings or thoughts. In conflicts or interactions, this can be helpful.

3. Avoiding Confrontation

There are times when you might wish to stay clear of a direct argument with someone. You can gently express your disinterest or wish to disconnect by giving them the impression that they have been blocked without speaking to them directly.

This strategy can help you safeguard yourself from potentially dangerous or unpleasant situations while interacting with excessively sensitive or volatile people.

4. Social Experiments or Pranks

Making someone believe they have been blocked might be a component of fun social experiments or group pranks in more lighthearted situations.

However, it’s crucial to use caution and ensure the other person won’t suffer any emotional or psychological harm from your activities. 

Different Methods to Make Someone Think You’ve Blocked Them on iMessage

You can use several techniques to trick someone into believing you have blocked them on iMessage.

It’s important to use these techniques appropriately and ethically and to remember that they are merely intended to provide information.

Here are some methods you might want to think about:

1. Silence Mode

Turning on the “Silent” mode on your device is a quick and easy approach to give the appearance of being blocked. You can use this technique to silence any notifications from the individual for whom you want to create this illusion.

They won’t hear any notification sounds or get read receipts when they send you a message as a result. Making them with this technique may be successful.

 Simply switch on silent mode from the left-hand side of your phone, above the volume buttons.

Silent mode enabled on iPhone

2. Turn off iMessage

Turning off iMessage on your device is one of the simplest ways to give the appearance of being blocked.

All communications from the person you wish to appear to have blocked will be forwarded as ordinary SMS messages.

The absence of iMessage-specific features like read receipts and message impacts can lead someone to believe they have been blocked because of this change in the message format.

Turn iMessage off from messages settings

To turn iMessage off,

  1. Go to settings on your phone.
  2. Scroll down to Messages.
  3. Turn off iMessage.

3. Enable the Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

Enabling the Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode on your device may help to create the impression of being blocked. You won’t get any notifications for new messages when DND mode is activated.

The absence of a response or notification noises will cause the person you want to make believe you have blocked them to assume you have done so.

Simply swipe down from the upper right corner to get access to the control center screen, and turn on the do not disturb mode.

Focus mode on iPhone

4. Turn Off Read Receipts

You can make someone believe they’ve been blocked by turning off read receipts just for them. This will give the impression that they’ve been blocked.

The recipient won’t notice the “Read” status when you open their messages if read receipts are disabled. They won’t know whether you’ve truly received or read their messages because they will only see the regular “Delivered” status.

disabling send read receipts on iMessages

To turn off read receipts,

  1. Go to settings on your phone.
  2. Open massages
  3. Scroll down to Read Receipts and turn it off.

5. Limited Availability

Another approach is to selectively reply to messages sent by the person you want to appear blocked. You can decide to reply to some messages while ignoring others, giving the impression that your communication is inconsistent.

You might give the idea that they have been blocked by answering occasionally and then becoming silent for extended periods. However, this approach should be used cautiously, as it could cause misconceptions and confusion.

6. Change Your Profile Photo and Status

Changing your iMessage profile picture and status can also give the impression that you have been blocked. Change your current profile picture to a stock photo or a blank avatar.

Update your status to something confusing or evasive as well, like “Unavailable” or “Offline.” These modifications, along with a slow response to messages, can give the impression that someone has blocked them.


In conclusion, it’s critical to approach these techniques properly and ethically, even though there may be good reasons to trick someone into believing you’ve blocked them on iMessage.

The other person’s sentiments should be considered when establishing boundaries, claiming personal space, or dealing with situations. Honesty and open communication are still essential for stable relationships.

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