How to Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone? [3 Methods]

You can use many different methods to transfer messages from Android to iPhone. This blog post will discuss all the different methods and how each one works.

We will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to use each method. So whether you are switching from Android to iPhone or just need to transfer some old messages, we have you covered.

Can You Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone?

It is possible to move texts from an Android phone to an iPhone. There are several tools and methods that can make this process easier and make sure that your important text messages and chats are kept during the change.

You have several choices which you can make based on your wants and preferences.

Why didn’t All My Texts Transfer from Android to iPhone?

There are several reasons why text messages might not fully move from Android to iPhone. Some messages might not get sent because of differences in running systems, message formats that don’t work well together, or some transfer methods that are limited.

Other problems, such as backup faults, connection issues, or message encryption, can also make the transfer incomplete. You can fix this by looking into other ways to move data or getting help from technical support.

How to Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone?

Moving messages from Android to iPhone can be important when moving between the two. To do this, you can use mobile transfer, PC transfer, or third-party apps, among other options. Let’s talk about each way in more depth:

Method 1. Phone Transfer (Direct Method)

A lot of Android and iPhone models have transfer choices built in.

Go to “Settings”> “Accounts”> “Google” on your Android device and sync your contacts.

Simply go to “Settings”> “Mail”> “Accounts”> on your iPhone, tap “Add Account,” and then pick “Google” to sync your contacts.


  • The method is clear and easy to follow.
  • There’s no need for extra apps.


  • Limited to contacts and basic data.

Method 2. PC Transfer (Using iTunes or Finder)

Connect your Android phone to pc using iTunes or Finder and copy your messages to the computer.

Take the Android device off the charger and plug in your iPhone.

For macOS Catalina and earlier, open iTunes. Fr macOS Big Sur and later, open Finder and select “Restore Backup” to move the messages.


  • It’s faster and can send more data than the mobile way.
  • Make a copy of your computer.


You need a computer and a USB cord to use it.

Method 3. Use Move to iOS App to Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone

Third-party apps like Move to iOS can move texts between phones. Moving to iOS only works when you’re first setting up your iPhone. To transfer messages after setup, you need to reset the phone.

The “Move to iOS” app can be used to move text messages from an Android phone to an iPhone. These are the steps:

1. Get the app

First, get the “Move to iOS” app for your Android phone or tablet. For the app to work properly, it will ask permission to view your location and send notifications. Give these rights to go ahead.

2. iPhone Setup

Follow the steps to set up your iPhone for the first time. On the “Apps & Data” screen, choose “Move Data from Android.”

3. Type in the Code

The iPhone will make a code with six numbers. Open the “Move to iOS” app on your Android phone and type this code in. Click “Continue” to move on.

4. Pick out Messages

You can move different things from Android to your iOS device using the “Move to iOS” app. Choose “Messages” and then press “Continue.”

5. Transfer Done

We need to wait for the transfer process to end. Your Android phone will show you a “Transfer Complete” screen when it’s done. Click “Done” to finish the move.

There you have it! Now, you can keep setting up your iPhone. In the Messages app on your iPhone, your text messages from your Android phone will be waiting for you. People setting up a new iPhone and wanting to move their messages from an Android device will find this way very useful.


  • They provide many ways to send info, such as messages.
  • Some tools are easy to use.


  • There are privacy issues because other apps can see your data.


To make sure the movement goes smoothly, here are some things you should do before you move text messages from your Android phone to your iPhone

If you don’t want to lose your data, back up your Android and iPhone info before you start any transfer.

Charge Your Devices: Make sure that both your Android and iPhone have enough battery life or are plugged into a power source so that the transfer doesn’t get interrupted.

Stable Wi-Fi Connection: To ensure the upload goes smoothly, use a stable Wi-Fi network.

Privacy and safety: Be careful when using third-party apps, and make sure you believe the source because they could get to your private information.


Use Official Tools: If you want to transfer data, use official tools like “Move to iOS” as much as possible. They were made for this reason and tend to work perfectly.

Check Compatibility: Make sure that the sharing method or app you choose works with both your Android and iPhone.

Update Software: Make sure that both your Android and iPhone running systems are up to date so that they work well together.

Carefully Choose Data: When you move messages, make sure you only choose the data you need so you don’t fill up your new iPhone with extra stuff.

Check the Message Formats: Because Android and iOS use different formats, messages may look slightly different on the new device.

Contact Support: If you have any problems during the move, you can get help from the customer support team for those tools or apps.

Check the Transfer: Once the transfer is done, ensure all your data and messages are properly moved to your iPhone.

If you follow these tips and steps, you can make it more likely that moving text messages from Android to your iPhone will go smoothly.


To sum up, there are several ways to move text messages from Android to iPhone. These include “Move to iOS” for easy setup, PC downloads, and third-party apps. It is very important to have a safe, backed-up process with devices that work with it and a stable network.

The key to a smooth shift is carefully choosing which data to move and being careful when using third-party apps. Users can easily move their important text messages to their new iPhones by taking these steps and being careful.

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