Can a Stolen MacBook Be Used? A Comprehensive Guide

It can be hard to know what can happen if you are unlucky enough to have your MacBook stolen. Will the thief use it? What can they do with my account on there? It can be frustrating not knowing, but don’t worry!

This article will go through all of the things that a thief can do once he or she has your MacBook.

Can a Stolen MacBook Be Used

Yes, the thief can use your macbook for various different things that may be legal or illegal. Some of them are:

  • If the thief is savvy, they may be able to get into your account and start using your MacBook right away. They will have access to all of your files, passwords, and contacts- so make sure you are always keeping track of your device!If you have any sensitive information on there, it’s best to change your passwords and contact information right away.
  • MacBooks are a hot commodity on the black market, and thieves know this. They may try to sell your device to someone who will use it themselves, or they may try to break it down for parts. Either way, your data is at risk. Make sure you have a good anti-theft program installed on your device so that you can track it if it does end up getting stolen.
  • If the thief has your password, they may be able to get into your iCloud account and access all of your files. This can include anything from contacts to financial information. If you have any sensitive data on your device, make sure you are using two-factor authentication to keep your account safe.
  • If your MacBook is stolen by a hacker or other cybercriminal, they may be able to install keylogging software on the device that will give them access to all of your personal information as you type it in- including passwords and credit card numbers!
  • They may also try to make more complex attacks that can give them access to your entire network. Make sure you have a good anti-virus program installed on your device and are keeping up with the latest security updates.

How to Protect Your MacBook From Being Stolen

These are the methods you can try to avoid being stolen:

1. Use a good anti-theft program.

There are a number of different anti-theft programs that can help you track your device if it is stolen. Programs like Find my iPhone and Prey allow you to see where your device is, lock it, or even delete all of the data on it if it’s in danger.

2. Use a passcode.

It may seem like an inconvenience to have your device locked, but it can really help prevent thieves from getting into things easily and quickly. Make sure you set up a strong password that is hard to guess for any other device as well!

3. Don’t leave personal information on there.

When you are not using your MacBook, make sure you are keeping all of your private information safe. This means removing anything from the device that could be used to access your iCloud account or get into other services- including accounts for email and social media!

4. Install tracking software on there.

If something does end up happening to your MacBook or smartphone, having GPS-based tracking software installed can help you find it again. Make sure you are picking the right software for your device and that it is set up to save battery life!

5. Keep an eye on social media sites like Craigslist.

If someone does end up stealing your MacBook or smartphone, they may try to sell it online via classified websites like Craigslist or eBay. Be on the lookout for your device on there, and try to contact the seller as soon as you can- before someone else does!

Worst things that can happen

There are many different things that can happen to your stolen Macbook. These include:

  1. Your device may contain a lot of personal information that the thief can use to their advantage. This includes everything from your address and contact information to your social security number and bank account details!
  2. The thief may try to access your email or social media accounts and then pretend that you need help using them- like with phishing scams! They could also send out friend requests to other people on your contact list in order to get more personal information.
  3. Your MacBook may contain sensitive information that the thief could use for identity theft or other crimes. They may also try to access files that are stored on your device that are confidential or illegal!
  4. As mentioned before, the thief may try to sell your device online to some hacker or some illegal business owners for a profit. They could end up making a lot of money off of it by illegal means and you will get in trouble during investigations because it is your MacBook after all.


As you can see, there are many different things that could happen if your MacBook is stolen. So, the best and the must thing to do is report to your local police department so they can recover it for you if possible.

There are ways to try and avoid this, but it may still be out of your control. Make sure you have all of the information above ready in case anything does end up happening!

And remember- don’t do anything illegal on your device or give away too much personal information! Your safety is the most important thing.


Q: Can a stolen MacBook be used?
Yes, it can really help prevent thieves from getting into things easily and quickly. Make sure you set up a strong password that is hard to guess for any other device as well!

Q: What should I do if my laptop gets stolen?
If your computer does get stolen, there are a few things you can do. You can try to track it down using GPS software or report it to the police. You should also change your passwords for any account that may have been compromised!

Q: What is the best way to protect my device from theft?
There are a few different ways that you can protect your device from theft. You can use security software like antivirus and antimalware, set up a strong password, or install tracking software on there!

Q: What type of tracking software is best for MacBooks?
A: You should be able to find GPS-based tracking software that works on your specific device. Make sure you are picking the right one, though!

For example, if you have an Apple computer, then it will need special anti-theft protection like LoJack or Find My Mac.

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