Does Alarms Work on Airplane Mode? [Explained]

Are you wondering whether your alarm will ring on airplane mode or not? Then you are in the right place. 

Understanding how alarms behave in airplane mode is crucial because it may affect your capacity to depend on them for key reminders and wake-up calls. Let’s explore how the Airplane Mode impacts your iPhone’s alarm features.

Do iPhone Alarms Work in Airplane Mode? 

Yes, Alarms on iPhones can function while in Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode on your iPhone turns off all wireless connections, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular. 

However, this setting normally has no impact on the alarm feature. The device’s internal clock controls the alarms; external signals are unnecessary. As a result, even while your iPhone is in Airplane Mode, you can rely on its alerts to work as intended. 

This is especially helpful for travelers who want to ensure their alarms go off on schedule while minimizing interruptions from incoming calls and messages.

Benefits of Using Alarm in Airplane Mode

The advantages of setting an alarm while in Airplane Mode are listed below.

  • Uninterrupted Sleep: Enabling Airplane Mode keeps the alarm from interrupting your sleep while blocking incoming calls, messages, and notifications.
  • Travel-Friendly: Perfect for people who plan to use their alarms to get up in various time zones while avoiding time zone changes.
  • Battery conservation: By turning off wireless connectivity, your smartphone uses less battery power, allowing your alarm to sound even when the battery is nearly dead.
  • No Interference: Airplane Mode removes any potential signal interference that could compromise the accuracy of your alerts, ensuring they function as intended.
  • Productivity & Focus: Airplane Mode can be turned on to block out distractions while maintaining timely reminders during focused work or study sessions.
  • Emergency Readiness: Your alarm works even in Airplane Mode, guaranteeing you won’t miss important alerts or wake-up calls in an emergency.
  • Digital detox: By using Airplane Mode wisely, you can avoid being always connected while still having alarms function as they should.

How to Fix Your Alarm If It Doesn’t Ring in Airplane Mode?

It can be annoying and worrying when your alarm doesn’t go off when your smartphone is in Airplane Mode, especially if you depend on it to remind you of key dates or get you out of bed in the morning.

You can take action to solve this problem and guarantee that your alarm works properly even in Airplane Mode.

1. Verify Alarm Settings

Check your alarm settings first. Ensure the alarm is set to go off at the proper time, the sound is on, and the level is just right. Also, ensure the alarm tone you choose functions as it should.

2. Confirm Airplane Mode

Make sure Airplane Mode is turned on in your device. Confusion can occasionally result from unintentional touches or configuration adjustments.

3. Experiment with Other Sound Options

If your alarm tone isn’t functioning, try choosing another sound. This can assist in determining whether the problem is particular to the tone that was used.

To do that, follow these steps.

  • Open alarm app
  • Click on the alarm you set.
  • Go to sounds. 
  • Choose the sound you want to change to.

4. Restart Your Device

Minor bugs that can impair the operation of the alarm can frequently be fixed by restarting your device. After rebooting, test the alarm once more to see if it still rings in Airplane Mode.

5. Update your Software

Outdated software might occasionally result in unforeseen problems. Make sure the iOs version on your device is updated.


In conclusion, it’s important to understand how alarms behave when the phone is in airplane mode for flawless functionality. iPhone alarms can function well in this mode, providing advantages like uninterrupted sleep and emergency preparation. 

Checking settings, trying out various sounds, and updating software are all steps in troubleshooting non-ringing alarms in Airplane Mode. Users may ensure reliable alarms by taking care of these issues, which will improve their overall experience and time management both during flights and in their daily lives.

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