Does Facetime Affect Screen Time on iPhone? (Explained)

If you have accidentally allowed a screen time limit for the FaceTime app or if it was automatically applied when you got the iPhone, dont worry; we will show you how to remove it once and for all.

Also, many people, especially parents, were asking whether or not the FaceTime app affects screen time on iPhones. Stay tuned for the answers.

Does FaceTime Affect Screen Time?

Yes, just like any other app FaceTime also affects screen time limit. If you set a screen time limit for FaceTime and are using the FaceTime app, the time will be deducted from the total screen time limit.

After the timer reaches zero, you will see the popup saying, “You have reached your limit on FaceTime.”You can also tap on ignore the limit and see three options.

  • One more minute
  • Remind me in 15 minutes
  • Ignore the limit for today
Popup screen after Screen time app limit has been reached

If you ignore the limit for today, then it will pop up every other day, so to remove it permanently, follow these steps below:

How to Remove the ScreenTime Limit for the FaceTime App?

1. Go to the settings app and click on screen time.

2. Click on app limits and tap on FaceTime.

Screen time limit set for FaceTime app on iPhone

3. Here, click on “Delete the Limit.”

Delete Screen time limit selected for FaceTime app

4. Click again on delete the limit after the popup appears, and your limit for FaceTime will be deleted.

ScreenTime Not Blocking FaceTime(Fixed)

If you set a screen time limit and still it is not blocking FaceTime, then this is due to the FaceTime app on the always allowed list in the screen time options.

  1. Go to the settings and tap on screen time.
  2. Tap on Always allowed and check whether FaceTime is in the list of allowed apps or not.
  3. If it is, then tap on the sign before the FaceTime app icon, and it will be removed from the list.
Removing FaceTime app from always allowed apps during downtime on iphone

Now screen Time limit will normally apply to the FaceTime app just like it applies to any other app.

Does FaceTime Affect Screen Time for Children?

Yes, if you have set a screen time limit for your child and they are using FaceTime, the time will be deducted from their total screen time.

This is because FaceTime is an app that uses the iPhone’s screen.

If parents have set downtime for their children, then the children will be unable to use FaceTime or any other app during that time.

Also, if the parent has allowed a specific time for the FaceTime app only, then the FaceTime app will close after that time regardless of the Total overall screen time remaining.

Unlike the Simple screen time limit, Screen time for children comes under parental blocking, which cannot be changed or removed by the children using the iPhone.


FaceTime affects the Screen time Limit on iPhones, but it can be easily removed by going into the settings and deleting the limit as long as you know the password of your iPhone.

It will also affect children’s screen time if parents set a limit. Under parental control, children cannot remove or change the limit.

We hope this article solved your issue and if you have further questions, leave a comment below.

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