FaceTime Audio is Cutting Out: Why & How to Fix?

Facetime is one of the most popular video chat apps available, but it’s not without glitches. One of the most common issues is audio cutting out during facetime calls.

While this can be frustrating, there are a few possible explanations for why it happens.

In this post, we’ll explore a few of the reasons why your Facetime audio might be cutting out and what you can do to fix it.

Why is FaceTime Audio Cutting Out?

One of the most common reasons Facetime audio cuts out is a poor internet connection. If your Wi-Fi or cellular connection is weak, it may not be able to provide a stable enough signal for facetime to maintain good audio quality.

In this case, you can try connecting to an alternate network and see if that helps. Additionally, many other reasons may cause your facetime audio to cut out. Some of them are:

1. Check if the Issue is with Other Calls or FaceTime only

If you are experiencing audio cutting problems with facetime only but not other calling apps, then it may be an issue with the app itself.

It’s possible that there is a bug in the version of facetime you are using, or something else could be causing your audio to cut out.

Try updating your Facetime app to troubleshoot this issue and see if that solves the problem.

2. Restarting your iPhone

First, try restarting your iphone because a simple restart can fix minor glitches. If the problem still persists, then move on to the next steps.

3. Interference From Other Apps or Devices

Finally, you may also experience audio cutting out if there’s interference from other apps or devices.

Other electronic devices or appliances in the vicinity can cause interference that might also lead to audio cutting out, as both can cause disruptions with Facetime audio.

4. Software Bugs or Glitches

Sometimes the issue can be related to software bugs or glitches. If all of the above fails, your best bet is to try reinstalling facetime on both devices.

This will reset the app settings and will fix any underlying software issues causing audio cutting out.

To reinstall facetime, go to the App Store and search for facetime. Download and reinstall the app on both devices and then try making a call again.

5. Hardware Problem

Another possible issue could be related to hardware, such as headphones or speakers. If you or the other person is using headphones that are too old or low-quality, they won’t produce clear audio during calls.

Try switching your current headset for a newer model and see if that helps.

Similarly, if you’re using speakers instead of headphones, make sure they are compatible with the device and positioned properly so that audio is not muffled or distorted.

6. Update iOS Version

Ensure that both your device and the person you are trying to call the device are up-to-date with the latest operating system software, as older versions may cause issues with sound.

Why FaceTime Audio Cuts Out with Background Noise?

This mostly happens when you are trying to facetime someone who does not have an iPhone through a link. Suppose they have an iPhone, then the problem with their phone’s microphone.

Their microphone is causing this background. In this case, ask them to try cleaning their microphone and then restart your iphone.

If this does not help, then it is a hardware problem with their microphone, and they should get them repaired.


In conclusion, why Facetime audio is cutting out can be due to various factors such as poor internet connection, outdated software, incompatible hardware, and interference from other apps or devices.

Therefore, it is important to troubleshoot each of these issues to identify why your Facetime audio might be cutting out and find the best solution.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apple support.

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