Why is Your iPhone Camera Blinking? (Solved)

Are you wondering why the iPhone camera blinks whenever you want to take a photo? 

This article will examine potential causes for this problem and provide effective solutions to get your iPhone camera working again.

Common Causes of iPhone Camera Blinking

Modern iPhones have excellent cameras that enable users to take beautiful pictures and videos. However, occasionally, consumers run into a strange issue, such as the iPhone camera unexpectedly blinking. The following are common causes of iPhone camera blinking.

1. Software Issues

The iPhone’s operating system occasionally has issues that affect the camera’s functionality. Your device will resolve these temporary problems and return to regular camera operation after a restart.

2. Software Upgrades

Apple frequently publishes iOS upgrades with bug fixes and improvements, some of which may deal with camera-related problems. You can ensure you have the most recent software camera optimizations by keeping your iOS updated.

3. Inappropriate Camera Mode

Your iPhone’s Macro mode is set up to take close-up pictures. Blinking may happen when the camera tries to focus at a distance, that is inappropriate for this setting. 

4. Constant Focus Adjustments

Especially under difficult lighting circumstances, the camera’s continuous focus and exposure adjustments might cause blinking. Locking the focus and exposure settings ensures a stable photo without frequent modifications.

5. Severe illumination

Blinking may occur when the camera has trouble adjusting to severe illumination, such as direct sunlight or dim lighting conditions. The camera may manually change the focus and exposure by tapping various locations on the screen.

6. Processing overhead

Before and after shooting an image, Live Photos record a little movie. The additional capability may cause the camera to blink because of processing stress. The camera operates more efficiently when Live Photos are disabled, especially in difficult circumstances.

7. Custom Settings Conflicts

Conflicting configurations or customized camera settings might occasionally result in camera problems. Blinking issues can be fixed by returning the camera’s settings to their factory defaults, which clears up any irregularities.

8. Physical Damage

Physical harm to the camera’s lens or internal parts can impair operation and cause the camera to blink. To handle any hardware problems, it is essential to check for any obvious damage and seek professional assistance.

How Do You Stop the iPhone Camera from Blinking?

You might attempt the following methods to stop your iPhone camera from blinking:

1. Restart your iPhone

Software issues that are causing the camera to blink can frequently be fixed with a quick restart. Hold down the power button (or, on iPhone X and subsequent models, the power button and volume down button) for a few seconds until the slider appears. Slide your iPhone to power off, and then turn it back on.

2. Update iOS

Ensure your iPhone is running the most recent iOS version by updating iOS. Software updates occasionally address camera problems. To check for and install any available updates, 

  • Navigate to “Settings.” 
  • Then “General” 
  • Click “Software Update.”

3. Disable Macro Mode

Your iPhone may blink while in Macro mode as it tries to concentrate on up-close objects. To turn off the macro mode:

  • Access settings
  • Next camera
  • Disable Macro mode.

Remember, only iPhone 13 pro and later pro models have this option.

4. Lock the Camera

By locking the camera’s exposure and focus, blinking brought on by frequent changes can be avoided. Tap and hold on the screen until you see “AE/AF Lock,” which will lock the focus and exposure settings.

5. Balance the Exposure

Blinking might occasionally happen because of bright light. Tap on various regions of the screen to manually adjust the focus and exposure for balance, making sure the camera adjusts to the lighting without blinking.


6. Disable Live Photos

If the camera has trouble processing this feature, Live Photos, which record a brief video before and after shooting a picture, may cause blinking.

To ensure a conventional shot is taken without extra motion, disable Live Photos by pressing the icon in the camera app that looks like a sequence of concentric circles.

7. Reset Camera Settings

You can fix camera-related problems by returning your camera’s settings to their default positions. Confirm the reset by:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Then “General” 
  • Finally, “Reset All Settings.”

8. Check for Hardware Issues

If the issue still exists after trying software fixes, then hardware is to blame. Make sure that the camera’s lens or other parts have not suffered any physical harm. If you think there might be a hardware issue, get help from a professional by contacting Apple Support.


In conclusion, a combination of software and hardware troubleshooting is required to fix iPhone camera blinking difficulties. You can frequently eliminate blinking by fixing software bugs, updating iOS, controlling background processes, and using the appropriate camera settings. To guarantee the best camera function, it’s important to check for hardware damage or seek professional help if issues persist.

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