Why Does Your iPhone Camera Keep Refocusing?

Have you ever wondered why the focus on your iPhone camera keeps moving, ruining your beautiful shot? You may become frustrated by the annoying occurrence of the camera refocusing and wonder what is causing it but do not worry.

In this article, we will explore the root causes of this problem and identify workable solutions to end your photography problems. Get ready to use your iPhone camera to capture life’s finest details and bid farewell to those fuzzy moments.

Reasons Why iPhone Camera Keeps Refocusing

There are several reasons why your iPhone camera keeps focusing itself. First, the camera’s software may be making constant adjustments to improve focus accuracy. 

The camera’s autofocus mechanism may also be activated by movement or changes in lighting, which will result in refocusing.

This behavior can potentially be caused by hardware restrictions and the camera’s attempt to account for slight shaking of the hands.

 In addition, some settings or applications could prioritize autofocus, increasing the problem. Understanding these fundamental causes will enable you to minimize the irritation of continual refocusing by making smart decisions regarding your shooting environment and device settings.

How to Fix iPhone Camera Constantly Refocusing Problem?  

You can successfully resolve the ongoing focusing problem affecting your iPhone camera by following these instructions and making the necessary configuration adjustments. 

1. Adjust Settings and Environment

Your iPhone camera’s frequent focusing problem can be effectively fixed by modifying both the settings and the environment. Ensure your camera lens is clean and clear of dust or smudges before anything else.

The autofocus system may become confused by a dirty or scratched lens, requiring repeated focusing.

In addition, consider turning off your camera’s “Auto HDR” setting because the High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode occasionally necessitates frequent focusing on a variety of lighting situations.

  • Go to “settings.”
  • Then “Camera”
  • Turn off “Smart HDR” 

"Smart HDR"  option turned off on iPhone

2. Lock Exposure and Focus

Use the manual focus and exposure lock features on your iPhone to have more control over the refocusing issue. You can lock your camera’s focus and exposure settings by tapping and holding the focal point.

This stops the camera from constantly changing focus in response to the environment. Simply tap and hold on to the region of the screen where you wish to adjust exposure and focus to activate this feature. After activating, you will see a yellow box with the text “AE/AF Lock.”

A red flower picture with iPhone camera open

3. Use Burst Mode

Consider using the Burst mode to quickly take several pictures of moving subjects or scenarios where slight shaking of hands is likely.

This can lessen the effects of refocusing interruptions and increase the likelihood of getting a sharp image even when there is frequent movement. Hold down the shutter button to turn on Burst mode, and your iPhone will take a series of pictures.

4. Reset Camera Settings

You might think about resetting the camera settings on your iPhone to their factory defaults if all other attempts to fix the problem have failed. This can eliminate any special setups that might be causing the refocusing issue. To accomplish this, 

  • Select “Settings” 
  • Then “General”
  • Then “Reset” 
  • Select “Reset All Settings” and then confirm your selection. 

Reset all Settings Highlighted on iPhone

Be prepared to change other preferences as necessary because this step resets other device settings to their defaults.

5. Update iOS and Apps.

Updating the iOS on your iPhone is essential for fixing camera-related issues. Older software may factor in bugs and irregular behavior, such as repeated refocusing. To check for and install any available updates, go to.

  • Settings
  • Then “General” 
  • “Software Update” 

Smart HDR disabled on iPhone

Tips to Prevent Constant Refocusing 

The following advice will help you avoid often refocusing your iPhone camera,

  • To prevent the autofocus system from being confused, make sure the camera lens is clear and free of dust or smudges.
  • To avoid often refocusing in varying lighting situations, disable the “Auto HDR” option in camera settings.
  • Update the camera applications and operating system on your iPhone to fix bugs and improve performance.
  • Tap and hold on to the screen to lock focus and exposure settings and stop ongoing modifications.
  • If all other attempts to solve the problem are unsuccessful, you might want to restore your camera’s settings to their factory defaults.

By using these suggestions, you may reduce the inconvenience of routine refocusing and improve your iPhone camera photography experience.


Combining thoughtful changes with calculated actions is essential for resolving the iPhone camera’s recurrent focusing issue. You can now take focused photos without being distracted by constant refocusing by keeping a clean lens, updating software, using manual controls, and using tricks like Burst mode.

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