Do Alarms Go Off When Your Phone is on Silent?

Have you ever questioned whether your phone’s alarms sound in silent mode or not? If yes, you are going to find out today.

In this article, we will tell the truth behind this common question. Whether you rely on your phone to wake you up or remind you of important tasks, understanding how silent mode affects alarms is essential. Let’s start without further delay.

Will Your Alarm Still Go Off if Your Phone is on Silent?

 Normally, the alarm will still make noise even in silent mode, but this behavior can differ for different devices.

1. iPhone: Silent Mode and Alarms

Depending on the settings, iPhone alarms behave differently in silent mode. Alarms are set to sound even when the phone is on silent by default. This ensures that important wake-up calls or reminders won’t be missed.

Even in “Do Not Disturb” (DND) mode, you can still rely on your iPhone’s alarms. Your alarms won’t be silenced by default in DND mode, preventing you from missing vital wake-up calls or reminders.

2. Android: Alarms and Silent Mode

Like iPhones, alarms generally ring audibly in silent mode in the Android ecosystem. By default, your Android device will prioritize the alarm feature, allowing it to override the mute settings and send the desired alert. 

However, it’s important to confirm your device’s exact settings and configurations to ensure alarms operate independently of the silent mode, ensuring you get up on time and stick to your plan.

How Can You Silence Your iPhone but Keep the Alarm On?

By following these instructions, your iPhone will remain silent, silencing incoming calls and notifications while setting off your alarm at the set time, ensuring you awaken as planned.

1. Silent Mode

Toggle the hardware switch on your iPhone’s left side to turn silent mode on. The phone is in silent mode when an orange indicator is shown close to the switch.

Alternatively, you can tap the bell icon in the Control Center to start silent mode after swiping down from the top-right corner.

2. Set the Alarm

To set the alarm, open the iPhone’s clock app and select the “Alarm” tab near the bottom of the display. To add a new alarm or edit an existing one, tap the “+” sign.

3. Save Alarm Settings

After selecting the alarm’s time and sound, touch “Save” to save the settings.

Do Alarms Go Off when The Phone is on Do Not Disturb?

On Android phones: Alarms will sound when the phone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode. Depending on the device type and phone settings, the behavior may change. The alarm must be added to the exception list in the “Do Not Disturb” setting.

On iPhone: On the other hand, the alarm on an iPhone or iPad will sound according to the settings set in the alarm app and won’t be muted by “Do Not Disturb” mode. So, even with “Do Not Disturb” turned on, you can be confident that your alarm will still go off, ensuring you wake up on time.

How to Make Your Alarm Go Off While on Silent if It Doesn’t?

If your alarm doesn’t sound when your phone is in silent mode, take the following actions to make sure it does:

  • Verify the volume settings to ensure the alarm is set to the appropriate volume. If the volume is muted or too low, the alarm may occasionally not sound.
  • Update your phone’s software to ensure that it is current. Updates frequently bring bug fixes and enhancements that could fix alarm-related problems.
  • Restart your device. Software issues affecting the alarm feature can occasionally be fixed with a quick restart.
  • Verify that the alarm’s time, tone, and repeat settings are established correctly.
  • To see if the problem persists, set a test alarm and switch to silent mode on your phone.


In conclusion, alarms will sound even when your phone is in silent mode, whether you’re using an iPhone or Android. However, it’s crucial to review device settings.

To prevent any disturbances and wake up on time without concern, make sure alarms are added to the exception list in Android and set the proper alarm settings in iPhone.

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