Why Do Blocked Numbers Still Texting on iPhone? [Fixed]

Are you wondering why you receive text messages from blacklisted numbers on your iPhone? Many iPhone users are often frustrated when their blocked contacts keep texting, and the text keeps reaching them.   

In this article, we will examine the causes of this problem and discuss the solution you can implement to prevent unwanted messages from reaching your device. 

Why are You Still Receiving Messages from A Blocked Number?

Here are some common reasons why you might still receive messages from a blocked number:

1. Group Message

Blocked numbers can send messages within group chats or conversations. If the contact that has been blocked is a member of a group conversation that includes you, their messages will still be received. 

2. iMessage vs SMS

If the contact that has been blocked is using iMessage to send messages, and your iPhone is configured to accept messages from all sources, you may still be able to view their messages. However, messages received from blocked numbers should not be seen in your standard message feed. 

3. iCloud Synchronization

Despite being blocked, contacts may still be able to reach you on your other Apple devices using iCloud synchronization. Messages can be shown on both an iPad and a Mac that are linked to the same Apple ID.

4. Contact Information Updates

If the blocked contact changes their phone number or email address. In that case, any messages sent from the updated information will bypass the blocking mechanism, as it is not included in your list of blocked contacts. 

5. Temporary Unblocking

There is a possibility of unintentionally unblocking a contact or choosing to unblock them for a limited period. Verify your block list to confirm whether the contact is still being blocked from contacting you. 

Gaining insight into these reasons can enable you to undertake the required steps to limit texts received from blocked numbers from reaching your iPhone

How to Stop Blocked Numbers Still Texting You on iPhone?

To prevent the arrival of text messages from blocked numbers on your iPhone, you can stick to the following methods and steps: 

1. Check the Block List

  • Go to the “Settings” menu on your iPhone. 
  • Scroll down and select the option labeled “Messages.” 
  • Select the option labeled “Blocked Contacts.” 
  • Verify that the desired number to be blocked is present on the list. 

2. Disable iMessage and SMS

  • Navigate to the “Messages” section in the “Settings” app. 
  • Disable the “iMessage” and “Send as SMS” features. 
  • Applying this measure will effectively prevent the transfer of messages from numbers that have been blocked.

3. Manage Group Messages

To disconnect from or silence the conversation, you have the option to exit or mute the group messaging if the blocked number is involved. This will effectively minimize the inconvenience caused by their communication in group conversations. 

4. Re-block

To address repeated messages from a previously blocked contact, just remove them from the block list and then re-block them. 

5. Consider Third-Party Apps

Some third-party apps provide advanced capabilities for preventing spam calls and text messages.

By following these methods and procedures, you can effectively avoid receiving text messages from blocked phone numbers on your iPhone and gain control over your message repository. 

6. Try Adding Different Variations of their Number

Try adding different variations of their number to your blocked list to make sure they can’t contact you at all. This means adding their number with the international code and then without the international code.

This will ensure that they can’t contact you in any way, shape, or form. Hopefully, this will solve the problem for you!

What to Do If You’re Still Receiving Texts from Blocked Numbers?

Suppose you still receive text messages from numbers you have blocked on your iPhone, even after following the standard blocking procedures. In that case, you can take the following measures to resolve the problem: 

1. Update iOS

Verify that the operating system of your iPhone is updated. Software updates can resolve problems associated with contacts that have been blacklisted. 

2. Contact Your Carrier

If there is a continuous issue, please contact your mobile service provider. They can offer help or provide additional blocking services. 

3. Use Third-Party Apps

Discover third-party apps specifically developed to enhance the efficiency of blocking undesired calls and messages. These applications frequently offer advanced filtering and blocking functions. 

4. Report as Spam

If the messages show harassment or harmful intent, classify them as spam and report them. This enhances the efficiency of your phone and messaging service in blocking such texts.

If the problem of getting text messages from blocked numbers continues despite attempting these measures, it may be necessary to contact Apple support for additional help since it could be an uncommon technical issue specific to your device or program. 


Managing unwanted messages from blacklisted numbers on your iPhone can be difficult. To considerably reduce this annoyance, you can achieve it by reconsidering your block lists, considering group messaging, managing synchronization, and ensuring your iOS is regularly updated.

Furthermore, using third-party apps and reporting cases of spam are helpful resources for maintaining peace and safeguarding privacy within your messaging experiences.

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