Can You See Missed Calls On Do Not Disturb Mode ?

If you are interested in knowing how missed calls behave on an iphone that has Do Not Disturb mode enabled, then you are in the right place? Understanding this function is crucial if you want to prioritize having uninterrupted attention.

In this article, we’ll go into the world of Do Not Disturb and investigate if missed calls can still be viewed while it is turned on your iPhone.

What Happens when Someone Calls You While Your Phone is on Do Not Disturb?

What happens when you receive a call while in Do Not Disturb mode on your phone varies depending on your device settings. 

In most cases, incoming calls are muted, and your phone won’t vibrate or ring. The caller is instead routed to voicemail. 

Some devices, however, permit exceptions for certain contacts or frequent calls, allowing them to avoid the silent mode. In certain circumstances, the call might still get through. 

It’s crucial to remember that even though the caller might be put on hold or transferred to voicemail, the missed call notice might not appear right away. This guarantees that you will have an uninterrupted experience during the set Do Not Disturb period.

Will You See Missed Calls On Do Not Disturb iPhone?

You might be curious whether you can still notice missed calls when your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode. Yes, but with a small change.

While incoming calls won’t cause your iPhone to ring or vibrate, it will still log missed calls in the Phone app.  “Missed” label will be placed next to the caller’s name or phone number for these missed calls.

As a result, even if the call doesn’t bother you, you can quickly see who called during the Do Not Disturb period by going to the Phone app and visiting the Missed Calls section.

Will You Get a Missed Call Message After You Switch Off DND Mode?

No, you won’t get a missed call message once you turn off your device’s Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. Incoming calls are muted and typically routed to voicemail when DND mode is active.

Your device will resume regular operation once you exit DND mode, and any missed calls during that time will no longer result in a particular notification or message. 

After turning off DND, you may easily check your call history, native dialer, or call history to see whether any calls have been missed.

How Do You Know if Someone Put Your Calls on Do Not Disturb?

You may tell if someone has set your calls to “Do Not Disturb” (DND) by several signs. We have mentioned all the signs to enhance your calling experience on iPhone.

1. Calls That Go Straight to Voicemail

This could be a sign that the recipient has turned on DND mode if your calls regularly go to voicemail without ringing or evoking a busy tone.

2. Immediate Rejection or Busy Signal

If you call someone and immediately get a busy signal or a rejection message, it may be possible that DND is active on their handset.

3. “Do not Disturb” Status Indicator. 

When the recipient has enabled DND, some smartphones and messaging apps display a status indicator, such as a moon or a crossed-out bell. This status indicates that calls may be muted if they appear next to the contact’s name or in a messaging app.

4. Lack of Call Notifications

If you normally get alerts or notifications for incoming calls from a certain individual but suddenly stop, it may mean they have DND activated for your calls.

5. Communication Patterns

If the individual repeatedly ignores your calls or only returns your messages after a long delay, it may hint that they have turned on DND or are purposefully avoiding distraction.

How to Enable DND on iPhone?

It’s very easy to activate the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on an iPhone. This is how you do it:

Control Center: Swipe up from the top right corner to activate Control Centre on iPhone X and newer devices to open control center.

Moon Icon: To switch on DND mode, tap the moon icon. When DND is enabled, the icon will turn white.

Do not dirturb turned on on iPhone

DND on a timetable: To enable DND on a schedule, go to “Settings”“Do Not Disturb.” Configure additional options, such as permitting calls from contacts or repeated calls to avoid DND and set the desired start and stop times.

Bedtime Mode: Bedtime Mode is a feature that may be turned on in the Clock app in iOS 15 and later. DND will automatically be activated while you are supposed to be sleeping.

How to allow notification while do not disturb mode is enabled


Ultimately, the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature for iPhones offers a practical approach to handling disruptions and keeping your attention. You can silence calls and notifications by turning on DND, assuring uninterrupted times of work or relaxation.

Navigating communication expectations can be made easier by being aware of DND’s indicators and how it functions. Utilizing DND enables users to take control of their device’s alerts and strike a balance between keeping connected and finding quiet times, whether for work, play, or a good night’s sleep.

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